Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting Out of A Blogging Rut & Falling Back in Love

This is a bit more of a chatty post than a beauty post. Though the chat is all beauty related.
It is well  known that bloggers are some of the most avid blog readers; I thought I'd write this post in case any of you are feeling this post Christmas/Holiday blog funk too. I had this feeling last year as well. The feeling of "What now?". I've just finished all these holiday focused posts filled with cheer and now it's January and, well, that's all. Everyone is making plans and resolutions. Makeup is in that limbo of a seasons where it's not festive winter time but it's far from spring/summer. What to do? What to talk about? I don't just want to throw things up here. I want well done, smart posts. So here's what I did...
  1. Read other blogs. Blogs you've never read before. Blogs you've read since you started your blog reading. Go in with the mind set to see things you like, things you enjoy. Now I'm not saying rip them off and take their content. Of course not. But just look and simply be a reader again and find the things that made you want to do this blogging thing to begin with.
  2. Watch YouTube. Do the same thing as above. Laugh and enjoy this beauty (or whatever you blog about) again. Don't let it become a task to complete just for the sake of content. See what's new, learn a new technique and put your spin on it for your readers/viewers. Share because you are excited about these things you've learned.
  3. Do an inventory. As a beauty blogger you can collect a lot of product. It's easy to forget what you've gotten this year since there is a new launch every five minutes and it can feel like you need to be talking about that while forgetting about what you really love already. 
  4. Swatch and shop at home. While going through you collection. Swatch these shadows that once gave you that sparkly feeling that spread through your whole body. See how lovely it is and the looks and inspiration will fill you again.
  5. Listen to the pros. Pick up a book or watch video of professional artist talking about makeup and their love for it. It's contagious. I love to hear Mary Greenwell speak about makeup and beauty and her passion drips off of every word. It may sound silly, but I nearly well up listening to her. Here is a great video with Mary Greenwell and Sali Hughes.
  6. Play again. This is a simple one. I think I fall in and out of doing this. Doing makeup not for anything but the joy of doing makeup. Remember how just sweeping a shimmering shadow across your lid filled you with light? Play with your makeup again; don't allow it to become a job...even if it is your job. 
  7. Listen to music. I think listening to music and artists that you used to can be a really great way to remember a feeling. Listen to what you were blasting at 17 (unless you are 17 and then go further back. Even listen to what your parents would play as a kid. I listened to my dad's Nat King Cole album in Spanish and remembered waking up to him cleaning our kitchen on his day off, preparing to have friends over. That made me think of how nice young skin looks and made me want to play with that idea. Just let it carry you.

Those are my tips and for me they work. I have a list of new ideas in my notebookof things I want to do on my blog. Even a new schedule. Starting now Monday and Wednesday will be proper blog posts and Friday will be reserved for fun. Such as: What lip product I'm loving, Fitness Friday, chatty bits, lifestyle etc...and who knows maybe a proper one here and there. But over all it will be quick.

So tell me, what gets you out of a blogging rut? Let me know in the comments, because as bloggers
and in life we've all been there.

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