Friday, February 20, 2015

Updated: Brush Cleaning Routine & Sigma Spa Review

As makeup lovers we all have the not-so-fun task of brush cleaning. And when I do freelance work
I have even more brushes and sponges to clean. Well that all just got a little more simple and a lot less drying on my hands. This is all due to my new best friend: the Sigma Spa glove. 
This is the face brush side of the glove. There are different textures to help you more quickly clean your brushes and to more deeply clean them as well.
There is also an eye brush side with smaller grooves. There is also a shape part of the glove to rinse water and to re-shape the brush after rinsing.
I like to use Dawn dish soap because it's antibacterial and breaks down oil very well. It's so good at breaking down oil that it is often used to clean wild life after oil spills, so I know it can do my brushes. I also mix in an equal part extra virgin olive oil to soften the bristles and keep them hydrated. I lightly dip the brush in the mix then get it wet and swirl the brush only the glove on the wash area, then the refine, then back to wash and finally rinse and shape. After I gently swirl my brush on a clean rag to remove any excess water and I lay them out flat to dry.
For stubborn makeup I will then go back in with a couple sprays of the Sonia Kashuk Brush & Sponge Cleanser from Target. I've used the MAC one and I like this one more.
And after all of have clean brushes!! I have found that this glove has made my brush cleaning much quicker and more pleasant. It keeps my hands out of the water for the most part (aside from sponge cleaning) and my skin is thankful.
The glove comes with a micro-fiber glove liner for comfort. All around if you have brushes to wash you should get this glove and for $35. it's well worth it.

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