Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Makeup: Part 2 Eye Makeup

If you missed Part 1 of this tutorial click here to catch up on how I cream contour. I got this 
really beautiful Knot Wrap from Lush called Lovebirds of Africa and I loved the bright pops of color and it got me thinking about how a lot of Valentine's makeup looks are pink or smokey. I did those kinds of looks last year. But this year I wanted to do a really pretty bright look. I hope you guys like it.
Here's the Knot Wrap that inspired this look. Though I didn't use many colors from it I was really into how the colors blend in the birds feathers and how they're so defined and colorful.
What I used: 
Here's a color guide to follow.
1) Start by priming the eye lids with Eden primer.
2) Then place a piece of tape following your bottom lash line spaced about a 1/8 inch from the end of your brow. I like to stick the tape to the back of my hand first so the glue isn't so strong and it doesn't take off your makeup.
3) Next take shade 1 and blend that into the crease and take it out to the tape to give an elongated effect to the outer V. Blend this down to the crease as a transition color.
4) Then take 2 on the lid and blend it up into 1 and wing it up a bit.
5) Next work 3 into the crease and blend. I used a small blending brush to blend this in as I didn't want to blend it too far out. My goal was to have a bit of a softer cut crease.
6) Now I just took a bit of 4 onto the very center of my eye to highlight and add dimension.
7) Remove tape and use your sponge (or foundation brush) to blend out any makeup that the tape removed.
8) Next take 5 and run that under eye and blend lightly into the wing.
9) Then I used 6 to highlight the inner corners of my eye to open up my eye and my brow bone to keep the look lifted.
10) Take the cult favorite Milk from NYX and run that along the area you didn't apply 5 to and blend it into 5 just the slightest bit.
11) Take 7 and press that on top of milk and blend it into a little of 5 to create a fade that is a nice orangey tone.
12) I then lined my eye, following the crisp line from the tape and not making it too thick.
13) I used my new favorite drugstore mascara Miss Manga and used two coats.
14) I then popped about five per eye of the individual false lashes only to the center of my lashes to create a more doll-like eye shape and then put on one more coat of mascara to blend it in.
15) Then I used a lip scrub from Lush called The Kiss I did a blog post about this here. I scrubbed away and then put on some Naked gloss in Lovechild.
And this is the look finished! I am really proud of this look and I hope you guys like it too and even if you don't do it exactly, that it has inspired you to create new looks. 

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