Friday, March 13, 2015

Fresh from MAC: Purple X 9

You know the trouble with working a few doors down from a MAC Store? It's being a few doors 
down from a MAC Store. I had to pop in the other day to check out the new Cinderella line and eyeshadow palettes. A post on the Cinderella line soon. But for now let's chat about Purple X Nine.
I originally went in to just to pick up some of the Cinderella collection...well that didn't stick. One of the artist started chatting with me about the new shadow palettes that had nine favorite shadows. (Also available in Amber, Navy and Burgundy). I went for purple as it's my favorite color and I don't have an all purple hued palette. This was a good purchase. I really like Lightly Sugared, Mancatcher, Satellite Dreams and Shadowy Lady. The shimmers blend like a dream and the matte shades take a touch more time to blend but are still lovely.

There is an even mix of shimmers and mattes all complimentary to each other. Over all I think this is a really fun and useful palette that is a great way try some best selling shadows for $40. Going off of the prices of the individual shadows and how much product you get it's about a $72. value.

Over all this is a beautiful palette well worth the money and is very smartly put together!
What is your favorite MAC shadow? Tell me in the comments!

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