Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How I Make My Lips Look Fuller

I did a tutorial on this awhile ago on my blog, around the time that I started blogging, in fact. I 
thought I would redo it with different products and my (hopefully) improved skills. Here's how I use an ombre' to make my lips look fuller.
I prep my lips with my favorite lip balm Whip Stick from Lush Cosmetics. Once that has had time to sink in I line my lips with O-Zone from Urban Decay.
Then I take Nightmoth lip pencil from MAC to fill in the outer corners of my mouth. Then I used Relentlessly Red from MAC's Retro Matte line and rub my lips together a bit.
I then go back in with another coat of lipstick and blend inward and then rub my lips together.
I went in with a lipstick brush and some concealer to clean up the edges and I'm done!
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and that it enhances your pout! ;)

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