Monday, March 16, 2015

Primed & Ready with Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer

As a makeup lover I am never satisfied that I have found the best. It is always the far.
So recently I was not loving the POREfessional as much as I once did. It was time to step out and try something new. I have heard a bit about the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer and I decided to pick it up and boy, am I glad I did!

For me this hits all the right notes: It is very breathable and doesn't feel too silicone-y (that's a word right?). It feels velvety and has a much lighter smell that is almost undetectable. Staying true to the Tarte way, it also is infused with Vitamin C, E and green bean extract to give skin a firmer, more plump look. It has made a big difference in how my makeup is wearing and applying. I am so pleased with this that it has made it's way into my freelance kit!

Over all: pores and fine lines look smaller, skin looks smoother, makeup application is more even. The smell is light and you need very little to get the job done. The packaging is nice and pretty looking and allows you to get every bit of product, which I love!

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