Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3 Palettes for Summer

Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd talk about three palettes that I know I'll use this summer, 
that you may like too. Hope you enjoy.

I know this palette looks scary. Honestly, I didn't know what I wanted to do with it when I got it. I just knew I wanted it and I'd figure it out along the way. It was so pretty and I had nothing like it. As a makeup artist I know this holds a bit more use for me, but I truly think anyone could get use out of it. (Maybe a post to come on that.) The pigmentation is total UD quality and it's perfect for fun pops on color in an otherwise neutral look and a couple shades work well for a bright look. Can't believe I first spoke about this a year ago! Ps. I do recomend a shadow base due to the neon high pigmentation.
This was originally I limited edition palette that came out last year. It flew off the shelves and it was crazy for most people to get a hold of. It's a wonderful summer travel palette because it includes not only a great range of neutral eye shadows but also a highlighter, a blush and bronzer. This palette did so well that it's back for another summer! I took this palette when I went on my trip to Seattle and it was wonderful.
This palette is an all in one. I raved about this in my recent review. It is rare that I keep going back to the same palette for over a month, but this one has me. The texture is smooth, the pigmentation it wonderful. The chocolate scent from this palette is just the beginning of the magic inside. This palette alone could be enough for a summer full of looks. I also get delighted every time I see the packaging.

I hope you guys liked this quick post. Which of these three palettes do you feel you would use
most this summer? Tell me in the comments! I loved doing this post it gave me the chance to look back on how for my blog has come since first writing these earlier post. Thank you all!

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