Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bright & Neutral Eye Look

So, I asked what kind of look some of you wanted to see me do next and one of my fellow bloggers,
Dagmara, of Mummy's Beauty Corner said "do something colorful next". I was delighted to oblige her request. So let's get to it!

What I'm using:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden
Urban Decay Electric Palette
I'm using swatches for this look so that if you already have a shade that has the same color pay off and shade you can use those to recreate it. 
Start) Tape about an 1/8 of an inch under the lower lash line.
1) First off, I took my Vanilla Pigment to highlight my inner corner and brow bone.
2) After that I went in with Cocoa Chili #1 on the lid with a dome shadow brush.
3) Then I blended it with Nouget #2 with a fluffy blending brush.
Now...for the color!! (If you are sensitive to tape you can use an old gift card held up to your face in the same placement and just tidy up with some concealer.)
4) On a pencil brush take Thrash #3 in the inner corner of the lower lash line and go 1/3 of the way in.
5) Take Freak #4 and blend a bit over #3 to create a gradient effect. Put this color on the middle 1/3 of the lower lash line.
6) Take Fringe #5 on the same brush again and blend that into #4 in the same way for the gradient effect. Be sure to create a cat eye look by hugging to tape (or gift card) to create the point at the end.
And there you have it, a bright yet neutral eye look. I think by keeping the lid super neutral the pop underneath makes this look a little less scary. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and that if nothing else it has inspired you to try some new makeup looks or even to try this with some more tame colors.
What look or palette do you want to see me do next? Tell me in the comments!

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