Friday, April 17, 2015

Fast Friday: Better Than Sex Mascara

How I have missed my favorite mascara. I had purchased four tubes of this good stuff when
the worst thing happened, worst in the sense of beauty products that is. The fifth tube broke. The little stopper that removes the excess mascara kept getting stuck in the lid when I would close it after the first use. Then I returned it and it happened again and again. I gave up. The girl from Sephora said it had been a problem for a few batches. I was done with returning mascaras, so I decided to go back to a classic, They're Real and then a few others. Nothing was as good. Nothing made my lashes look as good. After nearly a year I tried it again and so far, so good!

I'm positively over the moon to have this mascara back. I had forgotten how it is one of the few non-waterproof mascaras that can both hold a curl and volumizes, while lengthening. 
As you can see, just one coat of this mascara is enough to give tones of volume and length. I just do two for good measure. Hands down this is the best mascara I have ever used. I'm so delighted and am really hoping that the faulty packaging doesn't return.

Hope this quick review was helpful weather you're looking for a new mascara or encountered 
the same problem I did. What's your top mascara that can out do all the rest in your eye.

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