Monday, April 20, 2015

Reviewed: NARS Dual-Intensity Blush

I have had my eye on this blush for weeks. Then a friend blessed me with a gift card to Sephora.
The reason I mulled over getting this blush is due to the price tag of $45. Thankfully, when a friends gift chips in on the price it doesn't sting as much. I love blushes. I think they can make a look. This one is quite obviously beautiful. From the texture to the glow it's lovely, even the design. 

I went with Adoration:
The texture of this blush is smooth and buttery, literally the smoothness of this blush is on another level. The pigmentation is high and it can be used in a couple different ways. The sparkling baby pink side can be used as a bit of a highlight or as eyeshadow. The shimmering hot pink side gives a natural flush to the skin that has a hot, summery glow to it. You can use the blush dry or wet with a damp brush for an even more natural, high intensity glow. (Since these blushes are meant to be used dry or wet it won't damage the product.) You can also swirl the to colors together for a dual shimmer glow. The lasting power is pretty good. It's no Tarte blush, with the lasting power of a triathlete, but it is a completely different texture and look. 

Over all, is it worth $45? Well that depends. If you are a beauty collector and you have a passion for beautiful blushes then I would say yes, even though it's a splurge. If you are just on the hunt for a new blush to replace an old one or you are looking to try a new color I'd say not necessarily. However, if one of the shades does something for you that no other shade can, then go for it.

So tell me, do you see yourself getting one of these Dual-Intensity blushes? If so which shade
do you have your eye on and what is a blush you couldn't live without.

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