Friday, May 8, 2015

Getting the Glow with Caudalie Divine Legs

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer and the other day I went to wear a dress and if 
the shades of foundation I use are any indictation then you know...I am pale! My legs even more so. The thing is though, I don't like sunless tanners. First the idea of the staining my skin kinda freaks me out if I think about it enough. Secondly, the scent of sunless tanning creams have something to be desired. But what else is there aside from straight up sun tanning, which I'm not into. (80-85% of aging is from sun damage...just no!) I mean, as I am half latin it's a breeze for me to get color, but still only go in the sun in small doses, with sunblock. I had just accepted being pale until I had a day out and about in California or went for a sunny swim, because even with the use of sunblock, I tan.

Then I hear about the Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Mosturizer. I was watching YouTube and Tati from Glam Life Guru said she was loving this lotion. I was intregued. I got on my Sephora app found it read what the site had to say and watched the pro-mo add. I was sold! What a fab idea. A wash off tinted mousturizer for the legs and body. Genious!! I odered it and $38 later, (Ouch!) it was here.

The Scent: The smell is not like the normal tanner smell. It smells fresh, floral and clean.  It actually features the Divine fragrance from Caudalie in it. It's a touch stronger in scent than I'd like in a lotion, but I can work with it as it doesn't clash with my new Jo Malone perfume.

The Feel: This is non sticky, feels smooth and leaves skin with a lasting soft finish. I did pre moisturize my ankles and knees as these are spots color likes to cling and I had an even finish.

The Look: My legs went from pastey to glowing in moments. Because this is tinted, it works for pretty much all skin tones. My legs were basically translucent and now they look glowing and sun kissed. There is an irridecense to the formula that catches light and makes your skin look alive. It can also be put on top of already tanned skin for an added glow. The finish is a bit of an optical blurring look, like found in a lot of HD makeup that hide imperfections.

Over All: This is amazing! I am so pleased with it and I know it will last a long time since I only used two pumps per leg. This product washes off with soap and water so it's great for me. If you were planning a pool day or you actually go in the water at the beach, this is not the product for that day. It's 93% natural and not tested on animals as well as using no animal products. 

I am so happy I ordered this product because it fits my needs so well. Do you have any 
product you like to use for summer to achive a healthy glow? Does this seem like a product you'd be interested in trying? Let me know in the comments! Have a happy, glowing weekend.

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