Monday, May 25, 2015

Meet Geraldine: A NARS Audacious Lipstick

There is something just oh-so-satifying about NARS Cosmetics products. From the simple 
matte black packaging to the vivid pigmentation of their products and how the brand caters to the artist and beauty loving consumer. I can't believe I waited so long to pick up Geraldine...
I had my eye on the Audacious Lipstick range since it hit the shelves last fall. I swatched and for some reason would walk around the store with this color and then put it back, pick it up, put it back. Our flirtation continued in this way until this last week. I finally brought the beauty home and I may be in love.

Formula: I am head over heals for this formula. It is some how, using voodoo I can only assume, creamy and long lasting. haha I mean I haven't lined my lips while using this and it stays put. The texture is ultra smooth and looks gorgeous on.

Pigmentation: The color pay off is as the brand claims "single-stroke coverage" straight from the bullet. With 40 shades to pick from there is a color for everyone. Geraldine is a Tangerine, satin finish lipstick.

Packaging: This one is a little different from the traditional NARS matte, texturized, grip-to-every-bit-of-grime packaging that we all struggle to keep smudge free. It is matte but not textured. Oh, and did I mention the magnetic closure? It's the little things folks! That click from the magnetic closure does it for me...every time. The side of the lipstick also has a lazer cut NARS logo that looks so sharp.

Over All: The price is $32. which is not cheap but in my opinion worth it. I'd rather forgo two $16 lipstick for one of these. The quality is what you'd expect from NARS. I will buy more shades from the line, I'm sure as I'm blown over with the quality and formula of the product.

NARS has won me over with their lipsticks lately. I may have a new go to brand as far as lipstick goes. Check out my thoughts on the NARS Sheer Lipstick here.

“Embrace the audacious in everything, especially your lipstick color. It’s liberating, exhilarating, empowering.”—François Nars, Creative Director 

What do you guys think of NARS lipsticks? What formula do you reach for? Tell me in the comments. What shade from the Audacious range do you love? I love hearing from you guys so much.

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