Monday, May 18, 2015

My First Becca Product

I think if you are an avid beauty lover you've probably heard of Becca before. Most likely you 
would've heard of there Shimmering Skin Perfector. I have heard much more about the pressed powder version of these highlighters. I, however, decided to try the liquid formulation. They have a wide range of tones for those with true ivory skin up to deep cocoa tones. I'd like to commend them on that. For me, I struggle with brands that have limited shade ranges catering to fair skin and leaving out deep tones. As an artist it puts me off to the brand because if I love a product I could only use it on a limited clientele and I just don't understand the thinking behind it as it neglects a whole consumer base. But anyway, back to the beautiful product. If you like a good 'Hello world! Have you seen my cheekbones?' highlight, well, here you go. 

You can't miss this glow. It catches every bit of light. It is hydrating and can be used underneath, mixed in or on top of makeup. Underneath you get a dewy, lit from within, healthy, light catching glow. Mixed in it it sheers out the foundation adding a dewyness, though I would not add this to already glowy foundation. On top it adds a high beam glow that can not be ignored, which I adore.
To apply under makeup I just used it as a primer, applied with my hands. To apply over foundation a damp Beauty Blender is my tool of choice. 

The shade I chose is the second to lightest in Moonstone. This color is a pale golden, champagne tone that works perfectly with my skin. I am 100% going to try more shades so that I can have them in my arsenal, aka makeup kit. This product would be so helpful for those with dryer skin to help add that healthy look. I also think used under makeup would be great for mature skin to add that luminosity without enhancing fine lines. For skin on the oilier side I would use this on top of the cheek bones only, over makeup.

Over All: For my skin, which is normal, it worked beautifully as a base and honestly made my foundation last better than any other primer I own. I had my makeup on 13 hours and my mom complemented how good my skin looked at hour 11. I used it under the M.U.F.E HD Invisible Coverage Foundation in 117 Marble. In the above picture I used it both under my foundation all over my face and above on topof my cheekbones and cupids bow only. This isn't necessary but I wanted you guys to see what I was talking about. This is a win, win, win. Honestly I don't think there has been a product I have nothing bad to say about in a long time and there will most definitely be more Becca products on Lipstick Is A Life in the future.

I hope you liked this post. Have you tryied this or other Becca products you think I should try?
Tell me in the comments, because I mostly know about their highlighter and that is all.

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