Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Sunglasses for Summer

If you live on the southern half of the West Coast of the U.S you know that sunglasses are nearly a 
365 day a year thing. Even when it rains at some point during that day it will probably break and the freshly cleared sky will then blind you with glaring sunlight. This is probably why the mall I work in has not one, not two but three Sunglass Huts. Excessive. I have the most sensitive eyes, I mean I wore my sunglasses everyday at some point on my recent, February, visit to Seattle, Washington. I find even cloudy days to sting my eyes. I even asked my eye doctor if this was normal she said because I have lighter eyes that they are also more sensitive to light.

I have always loved sunglasses but after receiving a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters a few Christmases ago all my other sunglasses fell into neglect. They were just so much better at protecting my eyes. I realized that the price was not just brand recognition but quality. After wearing them a few years I still love them and decided to invest in another pair of quality glasses. 

I ended up going with the Round Flash Lenses with the Lilac Mirror tint. These are a retro style from Ray Ban inspired by the 1960's counter-culture. This style has been worn by so many musicians from that time. In fact my dad saw me wearing them and remarked that 'You know, John Lennon used to wear that style of glasses.' I did know, and I am obsessed with these. They protect my eyes just as well as my other Ray Bans and the mirror lenses lend a more modern twist to a classic style while adding additional protection by reflecting light away from the eyes. Perfect for the intense Vegas Valley summer ahead and my fussy, as my friend Jessica would call them, 'Vampire Eyes'. haha

I hope you liked this little style post. I don't do too much on fashion focused posts but I really 
enjoyed doing this one. What summer accessory can you not live without? Do you love sunglasses as much as I do? Tell me in the comments! 

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