Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reviewed: Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

I had my mind made up. I did not need the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette. I swatched it
 and was un-impressed. I thoughtthe texture was all wrong for me and it looked so warm toned in my Sephora. Well...that stuck. haha I blame other bloggers and YouTubers. I kept hearing how nice it was and even that it surpassed the Anastasia Berverly Hills contour palette. (Reviewed here.) I buckled, what can I say. I wanted my own opinion on the matter. 
These pressed powders could not be more smooth. They are so soft. I find they don't blend quite as easily for me if I'm wearing dewy foundation so I recommend a light hand and a fluffier brush when applying it with a non-matte foundation.

Sometimes people focus on high pigmentation as a test of an ideal product. The thing is that can be problematic with contour colors as high pigmentation can A. Go patchy really quickly B. Lose control and C. It can look unnatural. This palette is just right, it isn't too pigment that isn't hard to control so you can build up the contour you're looking for. 

Pros & Cons:
The pros are the texture, tone range and highlight shades, along with this packaging that comes with a great mirror inside. The cons are that it's harder to blend on dewy skin and that the shade range is limited. Due to the limited shade range in the KVD palette I'd check to be sure the shades will work for you before purchase. For pros I would say Anastasia has it on lock but for consumers Kat is just as much in the game. The prices is $46 vs $40 for the ABH Contour palette.

Over All
I find my self able to use Lyric, the yellow toned shade as it doesn't come off darker on my skin like some yellow tones can. I use Sombre to add depth to my cheek bones and to define my nose and I use Shadow Play to define the perimeter of my forehead and temples. I use Lyric to highlight my nose. I don't use Levitate or Subconscious as they're too dark for my skin but they'd be great for tan to deeper toned skin. After all of this you may be wondering if I'll use it as much as my other contour shades. I will. I think this is a great new addition to my makeup collection and will be great for clients with different skin tones. I just want to be as critical as I can be and take my excitment out of things and remember some of you may go out and buy these things based off of what I tell you, spending your money on makeup more critically than me as you may only be using it on yourself so your flexibility on certain things may be more limited than mine is.

I hope that all this info has helped you in your contouring quests. Tell me your thoughts? What do you use to contour? Tell me in the comments. I love knowing what you guys use.

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