Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Reviewed: Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick

You know when you're in an Ulta or any makeup store for that matter and you see 
something you thought to yourself "I don't need or want that." and end up swatching it and that prior statement goes right out the window? Well, here I have the Too Faced Melted Metal Liquefied Metallic Lipstick in Melted Metallic Tu Tu. I honestly had not much interest in this and swatched almost to prove that I was right, it wasn't that great. That backfired. I swatched it and was like "Mom!" (who was standing next to me) she looked over and said "That's pretty. You should get it." (Enabler!!) I was surprised by the color I chose. This pinky-coral shade is not a go-to me shade. Normally I'd go for the bolder tones. This was the first one a looked at and the last. I chucked it in my basket and walked away from the stand...quickly. Too Faced was inspired by the 90's foiled statement lip and gave it a modern, wearable twist.

The Formula: The feel is pretty much the same as the original liquefied lipstick from Too Faced: Smooth and light weight. I still say outline the lip line with a clear liner or a matching shade because these lipstick can feather without it. It neither dries nor hydrates the lips, so I recommend ,moisturizing first. To extend the wear I used a lip liner all over my lips in a coordinating shade and it sat nicely on top. Too Faced descibes the shade as a Metallic Warm Flamingo

The Pigmentation: The pigmentation was not as strong as the original formula but I imagine that is due to the very fine metallic bits in the formula that maybe spreading out the pigmentation. This is not metallic like I imagined when I first heard about these. Tu Tu, at least, is more of a pearlized, metallic. 

Over All: I think these came out just at the right time of year. The wear is a bit shorter than the original formula but when it does begin to fade it doesn't seem as noticeable as the first Melted Lipsticks in a similar tone, Melted Peony. I really enjoy how fresh this looks for the warmer months. I will absolutely be using this as the weather continues to warm up (I say that as it is 93 degrees outside). Is this a must? I'd say maybe. If you love tones like this and want something that looks different than pretty much any other formula, you'd love this. If you are looking for an amazing lipstick that will rock your world, I'm not sure this is it.
 I am glad I have it and really love the color and can say I don't already own lots of shades similar to it. I will most likely wear this on days that I want to wear lipstick yet I don't want to have to think about it too much.

Have you tried either formula of the Melted Liquefied Lipsticks? What is your opinion? 
Tell me in the comments! You guys know I love hearing from you!

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