Friday, June 5, 2015

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday! It's been a while since I've written a Fitness Friday. I really wanted to share this with
you guys. I've been running and eating better lately and I am seeing results. Then the other day Spotify notified me that they added a new feature to the app: Running.
The Running feature has original music that was made for running and matches the tempo of your run. There is a mix ranging from cinematic chase scenes to up beat dance beats.
How it works: You just pick the mix you want and then it will ask you to start running to find your tempo.
The app then detects your tempo and the music starts to play.
If you want to, you can adjust and set the tempo for your run manually.
Running also has a mix of playlists made for running and the mood you're in for your run. 

Over all I have found this new area of Spotify to be very helpful in my running! It got me up and 
moving for a 5K run before I went to work. I am so happy to be getting back into my old life of fitness and I am really glad this is a new tool at my disposal. I'm not sure if this is available for all phones, but I'm sue it will be soon if not now. What tools do you use to keep active? 

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