Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sumer Night Out Makeup Tutorial

Summer is in swing in southern Nevada, topping off at about 115F today. With this spike
 in temperature and an increase in night activities, I thought I'd give you this evening look. Because heaven knows it's too hot to go out when the sun is up. I mean it's 7:30pm as I write this and it's still 102F. 
What I used:
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
1) To start I mixed about the of foundation I wanted and about a pea sized amount of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and mixed them together.
2) I powdered around my hair line and on my nose which is where I can get oily first in this weather.
3) Then in a V shape I conceal/highlight my under eye area and blend it out with a beauty blender.
4) Then I contoured my face. I did a stronger contour for the night so that it shows up more in low lighting and flash pictures.
5) I filled my brows in with Dipbrow
6) Then highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with a mix of Coconut Creme from the Semi Sweet Palette and Mary-Lou Manizer.
7) I then went into my crease with Peanut Butter in the as my blending shade.
8) Then creating an upside down U shape I layed down Frosting with a flat shadow brush. Careful to leave the center bare.
9) Then, with a clean flat shadow brush, I placed Butter Pecan in the center of my lid.
10) Go back in with Hot Fudge (it sounds like I'm baking haha) and redefine the U shape you already created only on the outer and inner corners deepening the look. Be sure to taper it in so that it's almost like parentheses.
11) Then blend the edges.
At this point you could just put on some mascara or continue for a bolder look.
12) Then I took Frosting, again, and put in only on the inner and outer corner of my lower lash line.
13) I then took Butter Pecan in the center mirroring the above lid. Blend together.
14) I then added a matte black bold wing.
15) I placed Luminoso on the upper part of my cheeks enhancing my contouring and gently blended it onto my apple a bit.
16) With a light hand I topped my cheeks with Mary-Lou Manizer. Finishing with Mascara
Ready for a night out!

I hope you liked this look! What kinds of looks do you want me to do next? Tell me in the 
comments, I'd love to do a request. :) Have a great week guys!

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