Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Telling Makeup's True Story

 I've spoken about makeup and the perception of makeup on my blog before, but I felt it may be 
time to talk about it again. I love to play with makeup, my look and how I can bend how my look is depending on my mood. A lot of people see this as being a disingenuous or fake. I feel rather that if you feel like painting your face with different colors to show how you're feeling externally, that is truly genuine. Now, don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that not wearing makeup is fake. No, rather I am saying that if you feel truly yourself or you feel a specific emotion and either wearing makeup or not expresses that, then that is real. 

For me, I love color, or at least in my makeup. My clothes are very neutral and often muted shades. My makeup is where I let loose. Some days I feel strong and my makeup may reflect that. Other days I may be entering into a situation where I feel exposed or unsure and wearing a bold red lip makes me feel powerful and more assertive. Makeup is a super power. I don't know where this aggression towards it has come from. I feel that the resent wave of further female empowerment has given some the idea that it is holding women back. In many ways it has given women power for decades. I can wear whatever face to the world I want. I get to tell my story, how I want to, that day. I can express how I'm feeling through this often misunderstood art form. In many ways makeup artist, and artist over all, have a different view on beauty than others. Beauty is a story that can be told in many different ways. I can play and bend how someone sees themselves or how the world sees them, but at the end of the day I've changed nothing about who they are. Perhaps I've opened up a facet of themselves they didn't know was there or that they wanted to draw out, but that's all. I've shown off a side of a person, a feature, an insight, a feeling. That is what I think is powerful about makeup; at the end of the day it's just paint. People have been painting symbols and designs and wearing makeup on their skin forever. That doesn't change what's under the skin, just what you see. I've heard too often that makeup focuses too much on looks. Well, I feel that someone else saying whether or not my wearing makeup is acceptable to them says far more about their self security than it does about mine. Makeup is playful, fun and a joy when done from the right standpoint. Here are some quotes that put it well.

"Beauty is about perception, not about make-up. I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself. You can't put on make-up, or dress yourself, or do you hair with any sort of fun or joy if you're doing it from a position of correction." - Kevyn Aucoin

"Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it's a women's secret." - Charlotte Tilbury

"Costume, hair and makeup can tell you instantly, or at least give you a larger perception of who a character is. It's the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth, so it really does establish who they are." - Colleen Atwood

"Whether I'm wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I'm always the same person inside."Lady Gaga

"The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something."Gene Simmons

"On one hand I am this weird androgynous tomboy where I'm strangely low maintenance and have a five-minute makeup regimen. On the other I'm obsessed with all things beauty, from skin care to makeup."Rachel Zoe

"I love the entire ritual of getting dressed. When we do a fashion show, we try to send out a message; we couldn't do that without the hair and makeup. The whole is equal to the sum of its parts." Marc Jacobs

"I grew up in a makeup chair. And to see the women around me getting ready was so aspirational. It's about mothers and daughters, a girl watching her mom at a vanity table."Drew Barrymore

"I never in a million years thought I would be the person to go to for self-esteem; that was not my intent. But I happen to love beauty, I love the way people look, and I love making women look beautiful."Bobbi Brown

I hope that you liked this chatty post. I can only assume if you read my blog you love 
beauty and makeup and may hear these things too, so I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. The beauty world can come off as superficial and correctional, which sometimes it is, but those who have a true understanding of beauty know that in many ways it is a form of acceptance and celebration. You look yourself in the mirror and highlight what you love and put on a metaphorical crown. It's an empowered group of people passing around tips, tricks and secrets to feeling fab. You have power as a consumer and as a wearer of makeup to decide in what way the world sees you. Don't let anyone take that from you.

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