Friday, July 10, 2015

Becca Cosmetics & Jaclyn Hill: Champagne Pop Reviewed

When I heard that Becca Cosmetics had teamed up with  Jaclyn Hill to create a new, limited edition, 
Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, my first thought was 'The dream team!'. Jaclyn Hill is one of the few people who get as wound up as I do for a good highlight. For her to team up with, in my opinion, is the main game in highlighters, I had to have one. Alarms were set, bank account prepped and fingers poised to purchase. Champagne Pop was mine! As I'm writing this it's still available. Hurry if you want to get it, though. Last time Jaclyn partnered with a brand it sold out in about five minutes and crashed the site. You go girl! Now...for a bit of Champagne Pop!
The box has a golden, champagne tone with the look of little bubbles, like, you guessed it, champagne. The actual product is in the classic Becca packaging of a matte, deep brown with steel detailing. Inside, the plastic covering says Becca with Jaclyn's signature underneath. 
The actual products is the original Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector formula; buttery, smooth, blendable, goodness. Nothing I have ever felt is as buttery as these highlighters. The color is a warm, rose gold tone with a cooler champagne shade as well. The perfect blend makes this very neutral in my opinion. I am fair (I where Gobi in Nars Sheer Glow.) and this works really beautifully on my skin and I think it would look amazing on darker skin too. I applaud both parties involved for creating something for a wide range of skin tones and not something that only suits people in the range of it's creator. 
Over All:
All around this is a wonderful product. The price is a bit on the higher end at $38. but oh so worth it. It is so highly pigments that it would take a makeup lover like me forever to hit pan. I literally barely swipe my brush in the product and it's on. I am so pleased with this shade and the texture. It also doesn't separate the makeup underneath, it just blends in beautifully. There are few product that I nothing negative to say about, but in all honesty I sat and looked, swatched, used Champagne Pop and nothing came to mind. Even if you are very fair or very deep in skin tone and this is too dark or light for a highlight on you, it would look stunning lightly swept over a blush on the cheeks for a gorgeous glow.

Congratulations to Jaclyn Hill! It's lovely seeing someone so genuine getting opportunities like 
this. Lovely job to both you and Becca Cosmetics on this one. I hope you guys have enjoyed this review and that you are able to get your hands on Champagne Pop if you so desire. 

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