Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Build A Trio with MUFE: Eye Shadow Review

I've been eyeing up the Make Up For Ever eye shadows for a long while and I finally bit the bullet.
I was just going to get one and see if I liked it. A single shadow is priced at $21, however, a trio is $46 at Sephora. So as any self respecting makeup collector with a freshly deposited paycheck, I got the trio. I decided to think of a look that would be very multi function. Three shades I could use many different ways together. I went with D-716 Crystalline Papaya, ME-304 Emerald and M-548 Pink Grey. Yes, in my mind these are multi functional. haha In doing this I was able to get a matte, metallic and diamond finish; which is a great way to get a feel for MUFE's eye shadows. Online the palettes are sold for $1. but I don't think you can get the deal online, sadly. 

Matte: The Matte texture is super smooth and easy to blend. I mean really easy to blend. Sometimes mattes can be almost too pigmented or they can be chalky and skip when applying. I had no problem with that at all. I would say that it is one of the smoothest I've tried. I love this as a crease color and it could also be great for a very pale skin toned contour shade as it is cool toned. Over all I really like this shadow. 
Metallic: The Metallic texture is smooth and blends easily, as most metallics tend to. It was slightly less pigmented than I had hoped it would be; the plus side is you can use it wet, which I did. When I sprayed my flat shadow brush with a bit of MACs Fix+, (You want to use a glycerin based, hydrating spray, not water or a setting spray, so you don't damage the shadow.) I got exactly the pigmentation I wanted and an ultra high shine effect. Love, love, love the color.
Diamond: The Diamond is a little harder to work with as it is more glittery than I thought it was when I swatched it in store. Anyway, it looks amazing all over the lid and can be used in the inner corners of the eyes or brown bone for a dramatic look. I have used it all over my lid with a Too Faced's Glitter Glue and it was stunning. It does not work very well wet. The texture is more chunky, due to the glitter, so expect some fall out. It looked really glamorous all over the lid with the matte in the crease. 
Over all I'm very impressed with the shadows and think that the wide shade range is impeccable. MUFE is an artist brand so you can find those crazier more vivid tones within the line. I am a big fan of the Make Up For Ever's HD foundation so I had high expectations for the rest of the line and can't wait to try more from the brand, as the shadows did not disappoint.
Have you tried other shadows from MUFE? If so let me know you're thoughts. I hope you enjoyed 
this post and hope to chat with you down in the comments! 

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