Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"The System" That Works

You know when your nails go off the deep end and just get trashed, split and nail polish just won't
stay? Well I've been on that struggle bus for about two months. I stepped back asked myself what had changed. I had stopped using my Sephora Formula X base coat. Aha! I headed into Sephora and decided to just try the whole set as I already really liked the top coat as well. The set is called The System. It includes a nail cleanser, a base coat, a polish (Formula X Shade of your choosing) and a top coat. I got the shade Vivacious - a gun metal, metallic grey, pearl. I didn't think I had anything like it, which is something I am really working on. All of us beauty babes tend to have those shades we reach for, buying the same color by different brands. I have certain things, like lipstick, I'll allow, but try not to in polish. The set costs $32. If you bought each separately it would be $42, so it's a good savings if you want all 4.

I used The System for two weeks and my polish was lasting long enough that I changed the color out of boredom. Which is a good sign. If I don't have time to change it, I don't want to have to. I decided to try The System with another brands nail polish. I used OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender along with the cleanser, base and top coat. I have worn it to work for about four days and not a chip to be reported! 
I am too pleased. I will remember the difference this set makes going forward and would tell anyone "go out and get it". There are few things that change up the game and this is one of them.

Hope you're having a lovely week. What is your go to nail color? Tell me in the comments!

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