Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Unzipping the Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette

So, You know there are those brands that you swatch and walk away, swatch consider. swatch and 
talk yourself out of for no real reason? That, until now, has been Lorac for me. Don't ask me why. I few years ago I even got the Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre and loved it. It dried out after a couple years, I tossed it and kind of forgot that I ever owned anything Lorac after Sephora stopped carrying the line and it became an Ulta exclusive. I am just more of a Sephora girl due to there VIB program, which I tend to benefit from. But they opened a new Ulta by my house and there is something great about a brand new makeup store. I went in the other day with a friend and swatched away. I casually ran my finger along the shadow Unleashed as it's one of those shades that just pulls me in and between the texture and pigmentation I knew I needed the Lorac Unzipped Gold. (I use need loosely.)

Formula & Pigmentation:
These shadows are smooth. They blend really well and pick up on the brush easily. Undressed is a little chalky. The formula is so smooth and soft in the pan that it picks up a little chunky, just on this shade. As long as you tap off the excess you should be fine though and it applies smoothly. The other three matte shaded Unwind, Undeniable and Unedited are smooth and non chalky. All the metallics are super pigmented and soft. They have some of the highest pigmentation I have ever used. Because they are so metallic I recommend using a flat shadow brush to really press on the pigments. They almost apply like a loose pigment rather than a pressed one. There are only two of the metallic/shimmer shades that pick up a little, almost chalky, but no quite; Uninhibited and Unpredictable. They just aren't as velvet-y as the others. But still plenty usable and pretty, just a little more fuss. Unafraid feels matte but has shimmer. A very unique texture.

When spending $42 on a palette I would kind of like it to not be made of cardboard. Is that just me? Of course I knew this upon purchase, but what are ya gonna do. I feel that nicer packaging adds to the users experience. I know that all the Lorac palettes come like this I just think that for the price and only containing 10 shades it could be a bit more luxurious. Also due to how soft the shadows are the packaging makes me a little hesitant for travel.

Over All:
In the end this is a gorgeous palette. I don't think that it is super versatile in terms of tones or different look options, but I think it serves it's purpose. Don't get me wrong, you could do a smokey eye and more neutral look and glam bridal even. It just doesn't have that same wiggle room that other palettes even from the same line do like the Pro and Pro2. I can tell that without owning either of those palettes. This is a focused color range of ten shades that I know I'll get use out of it. The metalics can be used wet for a liquid metal look. 

Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer:
The palette also comes with Lorac's eyeshadow primer. It works really well and has very artist practical packaging; i.e. no wand. It kept my shadow from creasing, though it did not do any real color correcting or nuding out. I am really impressed with it up front, so we'll have to see how things go since I have liked primers to start and after longer use they stop being effective.  

What do you guys think? Is it worth the price. Is it up your alley? Tell me in the comments. Also 
tell me if you'd like to see me do a look with the palette so you can see it in action. 

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