Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reviewed: MUFE New Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Foundation

Make Up For Ever has launched a brand new foundation that's ready for 4k shooting. What's 4k, you 
ask? 4k is basically an HD camera to the max! Scary, I know. Make Up For Ever, being so well known for being the best in HD foundation, of course had to make a foundation ready for this new camera. There is a wider shade range now and a whole new numbering system. This means if you have the old HD Foundation you will need to learn your new shade number. Luckily, they were smart enough to have the original number next to what your new number is. For example I was the shade 117 = Y225 Marble.  It shows this exchange on the in-store displays and online. I found that the new formula appears darker in the bottle but looks the same on the skin. I also heard this feedback from a friend who is a makeup junkie too.
Now that you have the details on the new formula and why it was created, here is my review...

Application: The application process is a little different. To start with using a dry brush left brush strokes on my face. A damp beauty blender worked well, but my favorite way I have used it was with a buffing brush, a couple of sprays of MAC Fix+ on the brush and then buff away like normal.

Weight & Coverage: The coverage is still medium/buildable coverage. It feels a little less dry than the old formula, giving the skin an even more natural glow. The coverage is just enough to even out and perfect the look of the skin while allowing skin to appear healthy and not overly made up.

Over All: I was scarred when I first heard that they were changing the formula. I mean, the original HD formula was my favorite foundation. I am now at ease about the change. It's different, but equally beautiful on the skin, if not more so. I feel like it applies more evenly and builds easier as well. Over all, I'm really happy!

MUFE also launched an Ultra HD Stick Foundation which I would really like to try next as I am a big, big fan of stick/cream foundations. The shade range is not as wide, though I'm sure it will expand depending on how the line does.

Have you tried the new Ultra HD formula? What do you think of the change? I want to hear
you thoughts too. Tell me in the comments! I hope this has helped you in your journey to makeup bliss.

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