Monday, August 17, 2015

When A Color Calls...You Answer

Sometimes a lipstick shade just seems to call you. Well, that happened the other day when Jasmine
from Jasmine Talks Beauty wrote about the shade by MAC called Syrup. I saw it and just had to pick it up. Trouble has it, I work four doors down and across the way from a MAC store. I went in and already knew I was getting it and then saw Velvet Teddy. Two in the basket and I kept my head down and moved for the till before I saw anything else.

This is a Lustre finish. It is very close the the color of my lips naturally so it looks great with either a romantic or a natural look. This is a great shade when you don't want to think about your lipstick. You can just pop this on and go. No mirror required. This is non drying and feels silky on the lips. I'm really pleased with this shade! Thank, Jasmine! ;)

Velvet Teddy:
This is a really interesting shade. It's a sort of mauve-y brown tone. Very '90s. I love it. This is a matte finish, but is not as drying as other mattes I've tried from MAC. I am loving this color with a vampy or smokey eye. 

I love lipstick. I'm sure you got that from the blog title, though. What is one lipstick you would 
suggest for me to try next? Tell me in the comments! Can't wait to look them up.

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