Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Adventures in Washington: Seattle & Tacoma

If you read my blog on a regular basis you may remember my post on my birthday trip to Seattle
in February, here. Much like that post, this one is going to be a lot of pictures and a few thoughts.  I always love a peak into someone's vacation so I hope you enjoy mine. This was a present trip I bought for my dad as a Father's Day gift and the time finally came to head to the Pacific North West.

Day 1:
We decided to stay in Tacoma, which is 32 miles south west of Seattle. It's the third largest city in the state and has a rich history in the Northern Pacific Railroad. Water is everywhere and a historic flair richly present.
Passing over a walking bridge to get from the main downtown area to the marina and Museum of Glass there is a bridge that displays some of the kinds glass pieces that are all over the city.
Here is my dad standing beneath one of the glass sculptures that are along the bridge.
The bridge is called the Chihuly Bridge of Glass - by Dale Chihuly. Chihuly is a world renowned artist, who's artwork is displayed all over not only Tacoma and Seattle, as Chihuly was born in Tacoma, but the world.
More of these beautiful sculptures are placed on the marina. Here are a few shots of the marina front.
After walking around the the downtown area for about an hour I found so many inspiring spots. This building just drew me in. On our walk back to the hotel we decided to ask where we could find another waterfront. Living in Nevada, a land locked state, the need for the sight of water is strong. I am originally from California, so being so far from the ocean, bay, port, marina and pier gets to me at time.
Sure enough, we found some water with a little local directions.
My dad caught a sneaky picture of me on the phone telling my mom how amazing my view was.
I mean we really found some water!
After a day of walking around and sitting water front we needed some food and what better food to get near all that water than sushi?
With some fruit infused water and some chop sticks it was a great meal at Thekoi Japanese Cuisine. 
We took one last stroll and I loved the look of this city filled with glass at night.

Day 2:
This one was our most packed day.
We started our day at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma
The animals were a little sleepy and were hiding in their large, wooded habitats for the most part on this day. I did, however, get to see some snow leopard cubs taking a nap.
The aquarium on the other hand was very busy. As always I was wowed by the jelly fish.
We also get to see the sharks feed which was quite a site to see.
After a slow day at the Tacoma Zoo we decided to head into Seattle. I took my dad to the best Pho place I have ever been. Bol Pho Bistro was a must when going back to Seattle. I had to take my dad here for not just the killer Pho, but the Kimchi Calamari.
This little restaurant is so good and the front facing wall is a garage door that is opened on nice days (like this one) for indoor/outdoor dining. Bol ended up being my dad's favorite meal on the entire trip.
We ended up going to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.
Everyone at the zoo was busy climbing about, swimming, eating or napping. It truly pleases me to see zoos with such large habitats for these animals. It only makes sense as this zoo is nearly 100 acres.
We even saw a wild bunny hopping through the trails within the zoo.
After a wonderful time and some learning on the work these zoos are doing for wildlife conservation, we headed to the Space Needle, because it's the unspoken law. haha We walked around the park and then ended up seeing that the E.M.P. Museum had a Star Wars Custum exhibit. Since it was an end of day ticket we got a return pass for the next day as well. 
We decided to head for the Star Wars exhibit first and then do the rest of the museum the next day.
I will be doing a full post on the exhibit on Friday so keep an eye out for that if you love Star Wars, movie costuming, story telling through costuming, clothes or history. If you are in Seattle or headed there this installment will be at the E.M.P. until October 4th 2015.
After we went to dinner at the Collections Cafe. This cafe showcases Dale Chihuly's collections. Yes, the same Dale Chihuly mentioned above. He has been collecting since childhood and here some of them are shown off.
The ceiling is dressed with accordions of all shapes and sizes...
...and each table features a different part of his collection. Ours was cameras.
The wall across from us was a dressed with vintage radios.
I got a Chicken Caesar Salad so did not feel the need to take a picture (we've all seen one) but I did get a lavender, strawberry, lemonade, which was great!

Day 3:
We headed back to the E.M.P. Museum.
As Nirvana is from the Seattle this exhibit was very fitting.
Then there was the Jimi Hendrix Exhibit...
Jimi was another musical genius to come out of Seattle. This display had hamd written notes of lyrics, clothing luggage and more. 
In the US, at this time, yet again, this quote from Hendrix seems ever the more important.
There was a Chuck Jones exhibit. You couldn't take pictures of the art so this picture of my dad is what I can show you.
I am a lover of stories, so this part of the museum was right up my ally.
A little Narnia...
...some Game of Thrones!
This one had me over the moon! My favorite. 
Unfortunately I was not aloud to use flash so this picture is a bit grainy. But this dungeon was complete with a life sized dragon.
Then we went downstairs...
...for a little SciFi.
Back To The Future!
We then headed to Pike Place Market (Photos in my last post on Seattle) and  Tulio. My dad got linguine and clams.
I got this gorgeous calzone with four cheeses, prosciutto and a red sauce. After this day we had walked nearly 10 miles. We were tired and ready for a relaxing night back in Tacoma.

Day 4 cam too soon. We headed home. If you hung in here and made it to the end of this post you're amazing! I adored every bit of this trip and am so glad I was able to treat my dad to this vacation. I felt like a real-live-grown-up. haha. Hope you enjoyed this peak into my time and didn't mind so many pictures.

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