Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reviewed: Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick

I am a long time Urban Decay addict. I mean I set reminders sometimes so I can pre-order new launches or remember to stop by a Sephora or Ulta to pick it up. It's been a long time love affair. Well UD has recently launched a collection of matte lipsticks, just in time for fall. 

I am always after "The Perfect Red". Even when I think I've found the best red, I will keep looking. Well, right now, this may just be my perfect red. Say hello to Bad Blood. This new formula from Urban Decay is supposed to be a non-drying matte formula. With a blend of Avocado, Olive and Babassu oil, along with Shea and Illipe Butter, to hydrate and soften the lips. 

UD wanted to ditch that dry matte feeling for a creamy one. In doing so they have created a soft formula that is non-drying and that doesn't go patchy after hours of wear. It lasts without bleeding and never feels stale. If you feel the need for a liner there are matching pencils for each lipstick. The formula is rich, smooth and doesn't drag, which can cause premature aging by tugging on the lips to harshly, so I'm glad for that.

Over all, I think these mattes are my kind of lipstick. I would say it's more of a demi-matte than a flat-matte. And it's not going to servive burger or soup, but I enjoyed a salad and some pasta with no problems. The formula is not like MAC's retro mattes that are nearly kiss proof. But to not be overly drying you have to give a little. I personally prefer a lipstick that leaves my lips feeling nice at the end of the day to a bullet proof wear that leave me feeling least on the day to day.

What are your thoughts on these lipsticks? Do you think you'd like them? Have you already 
given them a go? Tell me in the comments! Let me know if you have questions too.

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