Friday, September 18, 2015

Sipping With Sirens: A Starbucks Mug

You know when you see something and you just have to have it. Something about it satisfies some
part of your brain. Well, this new mug from Starbucks did that for me. The Golden Scales Anniversary Mug is part of their anniversary collection which is inspired by the tail of the siren (aka mermaid) on their logo. 

The mug reminds me of something found in a treasure chest. It's a sort of blue toned, gun metal grey that is worn in and faded with gold scales. I love things that have that sort of look to them. I honest want to do a whole look around this mug. I saw it and right away knew what kind of makeup I wanted to create. Funny enough, I didn't buy this right away. I couldn't stop thinking about it and picked it up a couple days later.

As a creative person you just need to surround yourself with inspiration (within reason), whether that be things, people or places. It's good to remember that inspiration can come from anything, even a mug!

What inspires you? Have you ever purchased something just because it gave you a creative idea?
Tell me in the comments, because I love to know what you're thinking!

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