Friday, October 30, 2015

Feeling Like A Bad Blogger

There are times when you just don't feel like you're doing a good job as a blogger. Life gets busy,
you're working on top of blogging and trying to have a social life. Then you get behind on reading all your fellow blogging friends posts and you feel bad because they are taking the time to read yours and you haven't even responded to their lovely comments quickly. 

This may seem like a strange thing to feel, but trust me us bloggers feel it! For those who don't blog it may seem like a no-big-deal thing. So's a website. But as a blogger it's a piece of you that you pour hours of time into and that you are proud of. I've heard "Why don't you just stop blogging." or "Well, it's not the end of the world.". But for me, a perfectionist with anxiety disorder, it feels shameful. So here is a 5 point reminder I made for myself that I have decided to share with you.

1) Remember that this started as a hobby, so enjoy it as such. If you were painting or knitting you wouldn't feel as though you were failing by not doing it as well one week or another.

2) Rekindle your love for it. When it feels like a chore or a job you're doing it wrong. Not to say this is not a business/brand or that there isn't work involved, but when there is a lack of joy and passion in doing it it will show. Here I have a list of ways to get out of a blogging rut.

3) It's okay to not be perfect. That's kind of the draw of the whole thing in a way; real people. As perfected as our lives can look through these snaps we provide we are all actual people that are not here to be idealized. Blogging and YouTube is kind of that bit of reality that is comforting. It's what separates us from the paid-for-glossy-adds that are produced and void of a one on one feeling. We are people who have off days, that break out and feel things.

4) What you expect from yourself is probably more than others expect of you. Most readers/viewers aren't lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks if you don't do everything perfectly. There are always those rogue few who may unfollow or be upset but isn't it better to have people who understand that you are a person not just a makeup-reviewing brand.

5) Talk it out with your readers and fellow bloggers. Post about what is going on if you feel comfortable. Be honest as to why you have been slacking. People usually respond quite well to honesty and getting to know a person and their life a bit better. Understanding that you work full time or that you have had a pet pass or that your anxiety is out of control (all of which have happened to me in my past blogging slumps) will only make it clear that it's not that you don't care, but that you are not just a blogger who's life is a website.

I know I slack from time to time. And lately my anxiety as been very high and I am just now,
in the past couple of weeks, coming down from it. I understand how hard it can be to feel like you're not doing enough. I hope these tips help you and remind you that it's okay to be flawed. In fact it can be very attractive, humbling and something that sets you apart.

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