Monday, October 5, 2015

Vampire Tutorial Pt. 1: The Bite

I want to kick off the Month of October with a two part vampire look. I'll be doing a couple fun costumetutorials this month for all your Halloween party needs (hopefully). I had an idea that it would be cool to have an evolving costume. You would start off the party as a freshly bitten human and ending the party as a ready to feed vampire. Basically, you'll turn throughout the party. 

I will be showing a step by step that can be done in two ways for two options of bite marks.
Bite Style 1: The Veins
To start, you will need Modeling Wax and a good lotion. I like Charity Pot from Lush. You will need a pea sized amount of wax and about half that in lotion. The wax is very sticky so having lotion on your hands and finger tips helps it not to get too sticky. Also having a Popsicle stick or the above shown Stainless Steal Tool helps too. You want to begin warming that on either the back of your hand or in your finger tips, whichever is more comfortable.
Once the wax is warmed and malleable you want to place it on the skin. If you want to have it last longer, through the night, you can also glue it with Spirit Gum. Just be sure you also have Remover. I would not use it, though, since this is a transformative look you will need to 'heal' through the party, which makes quick removal handy. 
Next use a tool to make bite marks in the wax. Then powder the wax with a loose setting powder, I like NYX Studio Finishing Powder. After that, use a dark brown or black to fill the holes, creating depth. For this look I am using the Party Girl Palette from BH Cosmetics. This is a great palette for FX makeup since it has such a wide range of colors.
If the wax stands out from your skin tone use the foundation you are wearing to stipple on the wax in a gentle, dabbing motion.
Then, using red and purple shadow, pat a brush around the edge of the wound. Then fill the wound with costume Blood Paste
Lastly you can add veins around the wound for an 'infection' spreading look. Use brown, red, blue and purple tones with a little MAC Fix+ on a liner brush. 

Note: When doing FX makeup always use different brushes than your every day brushes. Set these aside for just FX  work.
Bite Style 2: The Bruised
Follow the same steps as above for placing and making the holes for the bite wounds. Then begin. with dabbing motions, start to layer colors. I started with deep purple and some bright red.
Then continue to layer with a more red/plum purples and some yellow and brown. Remember bruises are many layers of color. Next place the costume Blood Paste in the holes and you can just stop there...or you can give the wound a quick spritz of Fix+ for a running blood effect.
So these are the two looks? Which do you prefer? I think I like the one more bruised look, myself. 
Tell me in the comments if you like Halloween posts like this and what kind of look you'd like me to try to do! Can't wait to chat with you. Feel free to ask any questions. Part 2 will be up Wednesday, stay tuned!

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