Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Vampire Tutorial Pt. 2: The Look

If you missed my last post I explained my idea of an evolving costume. You start the night off as a 
freshly bitten human and end the evening as a hungry vamp. Through the night simply step into the restroom to touch up your look and change some elements. These changes will take only moments.
First, do a makeup look that makes you feel good. The key is to keep it more on the natural side of things. Don't do a vampy makeup, because that won't sell the transition. I went with a autumn toned look and individual lashes When you get to the party you should simply have a bite mark on your neck or wrist. 
Shortly into the party, add a deep brown/purple to the inner corners to make you look sick and blend with a finger. Then back to the party. I used the Lorac Pro Palette for the makeup look and the eye makeup edits at the party as well.
Next up if you have the running blood, wipe it away. and add a red to the water line of your eyes. I used MAC's Cherry lip liner. It's really hard to find a red eye liner and I haven't had any problems doing this on occasion. If you don't feel comfortable using a lip liner, a hot pink eyeliner works well too and is easier to find.
Then deepen the inner corner and the crease of the eye. Up next pop in a set of custom fit vampire fangs. Be sure to fit them before the party so you can just pop them in. Wipe away the remaining bite marks. I use the same tool I used to mold with as a spatula to remove the wax and then a bit of a cleansing lotion like 9-5 from Lush with a cotton round to remove any remaining product. 
 Then go in with a fine liner brush and the Party Girl Palette from the last post and draw veins under the eyes. Use purples, red, blue and brown to layer veins and create a realistic look. I then popped a deep berry lipstick from Bite (ironic) in Elderberry and then topped it with Ellis Faas Glazed lip L303 Sheer Berry just on the center of my lips and blend with my lips.
You can also get contacts to change your eye color from companies like Desio. Since I'm doing a few looks for Halloween I used post editing to create the same look, since it can get pricey.
And there is your finished look to end the party! I think this is a fun idea and would really be a topic
to chat about as people notice your ever changing appearance. Of course you can just wear the finished look to the party as well. I recommend a practice run at home a few days before so you have no surprises. Playing a vampire is my all time favorite thing to dress up as. What is your go to costume? Tell me in the comments! I hope you've liked this two part tutorial!

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