Monday, November 9, 2015

7 Tips To Finding The Perfect Glasses

If you read my last post you know I got new glasses! If you are in the market for a new pare I 
thought I'd give you the run down on my new pair to tell you what I looked for in glasses. These are some tips for trying on and finding the perfect pair of glasses.
1) Find out what your face shape is, if you don't know already. There are tons of helpful images and explinations to be found on Google. (But really what can't you find on Google?) Also it never hurts to know this because it can be hepful when contouring or adding blush!

2) Now that you know your face shape is, I like to do a little recon online. Look at styles and brands to see what prints, shapes and colors you are drawn to. Eyewear sites will often tell you what face shapes the glasses you are looking at tend to flatter, so that if quite helpful.

3) Once you have screen shot away and have an idea of what pairs you like you are ready and armed with knowledge for the store you are going to try them on in. Try to look on the site of the store you'll be shopping in. Odds are much better that they will have the frames you like in stock and you will know which brands they carry before going in.

4) Google images of people wearing them. Even if just model shots come up you still have a clearer idea of the frame size and how they look on different people with different skin tones and hair styles.

5) If you plan on wearing your specs every day wear the makeup look you wear most so you can see what frames suit your style and the looks you tend to rock. If you plan to wearing your glasses part time try wearing more simple, classic eye makeup. Wearing something neutral makes it a little easier to see which pair looks best on your face.

6)Try on the frames you had looked at online and ones similar. Remember that if you see a pair of sunglasses that you like/suit your face, those can be made with your perscription lenses rather than tinted ones. I recommend also trying on glasses a little out of your comfort zone. You never know when you will surprise yourself.

7) While trying them on ask yourself what the frames are saying about you? Stylish, sassy, warm, fun? What story are they telling? Is it what you want to project? For instance, a pair of glasses that makes you look young and quirky may be great when working as an art teacher, but may not be the pair you want to wear in a law office when you want to be taken seriously by your peers and elders. For that you may want a more strong, sophistacated look.

What I got:
I chose these frames because they were lighter than my last pair, which at times would give me a tention headache from the weight on the bridge of my nose and ears. I also loved the tortoise shell print as I would consider it a neutral-statement. I liked the size and shape of the frames. I am fairly wide eyed so I like larger lensed frames that allow me to not see too much of the frame and show off my makeup. These frames make me feel sophistacated and a little sassy. 

My frames are what is called a "Butterfly" shape. They suit oval, heart and square shaped faces.
They are by Prada and I got them from Lens Crafters. If you'd like to see them in more detail or to get more info on them click here. (PS...not sponsored, just like sharing with you guys.)

I hope you  liked this post and found it helpful. All of these tips apply to shopping for 
sunglasses too, of course. Were there any tips I missed? Tell me how you shop for glasses/sunglasses. My last post was a makeup tutorial on what I am wearing in the above picture.

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