Friday, November 13, 2015

Going To The Urban Decay Store

This past Tuesday and Wednesday I went with a friend on a little road trip to Disneyland and 
Newport Beach, California. Well as some of you beauty lovers may know there are two Urban Decay stores; one in Newport and one in London. I had to go! So we met up with one of our LA friends and went on a shopping adventure at Fashion Island. (If you watched The O.C. that may sounds familiar.) 
As a hardcore UD fan I was in heaven. It is so crazy to see a brand that used to be so small have there own store, where it all started in Orange County! Beauty with an edge is the vibe inside the store for sure. Honestly it was like being in an Urban Decay palette.
Of course I had to pick up some things in the store and I decided to pick up this Nirvana - Build Your Own Palette and a few single shadows. These empty tin palettes are great because you can pop single shadows in and out to create custom palettes for travel. As I am becoming a bit of a traveler it seems, I thought this was a great option.
I picked up three shadows, Sideline (New), Zodiac & Stargazer (UD Only). They were out of Lounge, which I would have gotten as my fourth shadow. It's on the wish list though. 
I have a pretty fair amount of UD single eyeshadows so I bought the quad as a way to travel with them and use it to create looks with. When I got back home I laid out all my shades and decided to do a matte, two shimmers and a moonstone finish in my quad.
Before popping them into place I decided which spots I wanted them in. It is really easy to pop them in and out of both the single eyeshadow packaging and palette. I used the shades Zephyr, Naked, Sideline, and Zodiac. 
Here's the look I created with the four shades that I put in my Nirvana quad. I really like it and It has a nice autumnal vibe to it and I really am thrilled with my time at the store. The girl who helped me was so sweet and I felt like I had a really fun customer experience. 

So tell me, what is your favorite UD eyeshadow shade and what would you have to put in a 
palette if you were building one? Any shades you have your eye on? Tell me in the commments. Happy Friday!