Monday, November 2, 2015

The Liner & Brush I'm Living For!

I was roming around MAC, as you do, and as I was looking at the range of Fluidline shades I saw it...
Deliciosly Rich. Discribed as a shimmering dirty taupe this liner is so pretty. It is one of the most unique shades I've come arcoss. It's a cool toned medium brown/taupe with warm gold shimmer in it.
I love it because it is kind of natural on the lashline but then it also has shimmer! I also love the formula of Fluidline. I feel like it may be my favorite formula for a potted liners. 

I then decided to get a new liner brush because I feel like I haven't found "the one" yet. I picked up the 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush. This is honestly the finest brush I have ever found! I am blown away by how thin this brush is. I will be needing a few more I think. You can make the thinest line to thicken the lash line and it can be almost unnoticable, giving a natural look. It also creates one crisp cat eye.
I am very happy with how precise the application is and I am looking forward to seeing how this brush works with other liner formulas.
What do you think of this liner shade and what is your fave liner brush? Tell me in the comments.
You guys always know what's good, so I can't wait to hear! Happy November!

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