Friday, December 11, 2015

Does It Work?: Boscia Sheet Masks

My skin has been very dry this winter. It's 49F (10C) as of right now and only about 20 percent 
humidity. And now that you have my local forecast you may understand the fit my skin is throwing. I have been using face oils, as I normally do. I've been using glycerin based primers and mixing oils into my daytime moisturizer. All the while my skin has stayed on the dry side. Then I decided to try some trendy skin care in the form of sheet masks.

All of us in the beauty world know that sheet masks have been all over the market lately. I ended up in Sephora looking for a hydrating sheet mask. I went with Boscia, as I always here wonderful things about the brand. 

I read the effects and ingredients and it sounded like what my skin needed. Reduced redness, prolonged moisture retention, brightening,firming and antioxidants. Perfect! Based in Japanese skincare this mask delivers. Sake, Marine Collagen and Jojoba Leaf combine for an effective rescue.

After trying that fist mask I wanted to try more from the range. I saw this one at a different Sephora and picked up both masks. This one is for sure the best at fixing up my skin when it is at it's driest. It firms, deeply hydrates, anti-aging, helps to reduce inflammation, and helps reduce free radical damage. Tsubaki Oil, Marine Collagen, Jojoba Leaf, and Willow Herb all aid in the overall recovery of skin, while helping with aging.

Why it works:
Sheet masks work by sealing in all the ingredients that you're putting on your skin. The high amount of glycerin and this seal keeps the ingredients from drying out, keeping them active on the skin. After you leave the mask on for 20 minutes, you peel the mask off and then you massage the remaining contents of the pack into your skin and follow with a moisturizer. 

I like doing this before I go to sleep so my skin can repair itself. I have used these masks a few times and I am so pleased with the results. I have a feeling these sheet masks will be a staple in my winter skin care. Now if you have more oily skin and want to mattify, there are two masks for that as well.

Have you tried any sheet masks? What tricks do you use to keep your skin happy in these harsh
months? I'd love to hear some tips from you!

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