Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Duped: MAC Satin Taupe

Makeup gets pricey, we all know that. Sometimes us makeup junkies buy so much of it, high and 
low, and are able to find dupes for the cult favorites we all love. Satin Taupe from MAC ($16.00) is one of those sweep across the lid shades and boom you're done. It's also a kind of stand by, faithful shade that is a must have in a lot of peoples collections. I have had dupes for this in high end palettes as well, but that's not a really fab dupe now is it? A good dupe is a more affordable option!
Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad in Mayfair ($5.29). This quad comes with 4 shades and that are all pretty good, but it is the taupe shade that stands out. Though it is a little more brown in tone than Satin Taupe it is pretty darn close. Honestly, it's closer in person than in this picture. I swatched both when my friend wasn't looking and she couldn't see the difference.

So if you're trying to stay within a budget or if you're just starting out with makeup and you don't want to dash out on high price point makeup until you are able to know more of what you like, this quad is amazing. It has easy to use shades that work well for a lot of looks and even if you're just getting it for the taupe shade you'd save $10.71.

What do you think, is this dupe close enough? My friend who saw the in-person-swatches said 
she would be getting this quad. What is the best dupe you have found? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments!

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