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2015 Favorites & Not So Favorites

This has been an amazing year of blogging and I honestly, as we all say, can not believe this 
year is over already. Honestly I feel like it was only a couple months ago that I was celebrating my birthday, which is in February. Any way this has been a year of growth, makeup and adventure. Let's get into the beauty products that were total hits...and a few misses.
Best Lip Products:
Becca - Beach Tint in Watermelon
This was one of my most loved products of the year. I loved what a perfected, natural look it gave to the lips and cheeks. I could use this all day and it would not dry my lips out. One of my best product discoveries all year.

Sephora - Cream Lip Stain - 01 Always Red
Every time I would wear this shade so many people would say "what red is that". I feel like this is such a striking shade and also an amazing formula that stays on a very long time and is less drying than other liquid lipsticks. This is a true vintage red.

Kat Von D - Studded Kiss Lipstick in Piaf & Lovecraft
I have had a love affair with KVD lipsticks since they launched and these two were the stand out shades that I got this year. Piaf is such a unique shade of brown with a purple shimmer and Lovecraft has been a favorite of mine for about 5 year. It's my go to nude.

Urban Decay - Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss in Nooner
These are the most hydrating glosses I have used and are just that right amount of pigment to gloss ratio. Nooner is my favorite to wear with a very dark smokey eye or with a natural, clean look.
Best Primer, Foundation & Concealer
This baby changed my primer game. Out with the silicone and in with the glycerin! I love This for getting that healthy lit from within glow.

Make Up For Ever - Ultra HD Invisable Cover Foundation in Y225 Sand Beige
This has been my stand by all year. When the original was reformulated I wasn't sure how things were going to go and I like it even better. This is a stunner!

This is the first ever full coverage foundation that I have really enjoyed. Though it is a full coverage it doesn't feel heavy or look unnatural, which is what I feel most full coverage foundations can do. Becca is where it's at for good skin.

This has been a blogger favorite this year. I am very pleased with this and have repurchase it and will again. I have nothing bad to say about this. 
Best Palettes
I took just this quad on vacation and it didn't let me down. I was quick to pop on in the morning and still looked like I worked very hard. CT is truly top shelf and worth the splurge.

This was hands down my most used eye palette of 2015. Every color is pretty and blends easily. The packaging keeps shadows safe and stays shut during travel. The shades in this palette are very on trend for this past year and yet can still be used for classic looks. Also the Black Liquorice is an amazing, true black shadow.

When I first got this palette I said that I thought the Anastasia Contour Palette was better because of the shade selection. But Kat has announced that she will be making a palette that you can select shades and pop them in to fit your needs more. This has flipped my opinion. These blend easier and look more natural.
Best Powder, Bronzer & Blush
Tarte - Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finish Powder
With this being the year of the baking, you needed a good loose powder. This is what I liked to used with a damp Beauty Blended to set my under eyes and sharpen my contour. 

Too Faced -  Limited Edition Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer in Ross & Rachel
Aside from how cute this name, packaging and concept is, it is also an amazing bronzer for fair people. I so wish Too Faced would bring these on to the permanent range or at least for Valentine's Day.

Milani - Baked Blush in Luminoso
This blush...this blush! Well when in doubt this was the right choice. It works on so many skin tones and doesn't over power any look. When you go heavy on the eyes, lips, or both this will not let you down. This formula also keeps up with high end blushes, like Nars, while keeping below $10.
Best Brows
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow in Ebony & Clear Brow Gel
Let's just be honest, this lady RUNS the brow game. She is the Cartel of brow dealers. She's the name of the game. Haha These two product have given me the best brows of my life. They look full, groomed and natural! Thank you ABH for rocking my brows!
Best Glow
Moonstone is that perfect, natural glow that suits my skin perfectly. When applied with a damp Beauty Blender this looks stunning and can have a powdered highlight layered over. I also highlighted before applying a sheer foundation for a very natural glow

Earlier I said it was the year of the baking, but actually I think it was the year of Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop. Everyone talked about, everyone loved it. Jaclyn did the near impossible of making a highlighter with Becca that works for 90% of skin tones, which is amazing because most all subscribers can enjoy.

With my skin being on the dryer said this winter, this setting spray took the cake this year. It does a fabulous job of both setting, re-hydrating and blending makeup together. This also makes that highlight jump off the glow charts.
Best Eye Details
Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden
I have very pigmented eye lids naturally this matte, cream colored base helps shadow colors to come through. I have been using this primer for years and I have yet to find one I like better.

This is perfect for creating a cat eye with a liner brush or for a shadow base for dark, smokey eyes. I love a multifunctional product that actually successfully do the job that they say they do.

Tarte - Mascara in Lights Camera, Lashes (or Splashes for waterproof)
This is the mascara I used the most this year. This mascara is tied for the 1st place mascara with Too Faced - Better Than Sex, but I used this one most often so I guess it won the battle this year.
Best Skin Care
Sunday Riley - Luna Sleeping Night Oil
This was another highly spoken about product from this year, with good reason! This helps with anti-aging and with the overall look of the skin. Skin heals itself at night while we sleep, so an oil to help that process along is perfect.

Tarte - Maracuja Oil 
Whether I'm using this oil at night, morning or mixed into my foundation when my skin is dry, I am always happy with it. You know those products that never let you down? This is one of mine. I love this face oil and will keep using it until it stops working.

Lush Cosmetics - Enchanted Eye Cream
This light eye cream walks the fine line (no pun intended) of deeply hydrating without being too heavy for the under eye area. In fact it's cold pressed oils are gentle enough to be used on the eye lid after a tough makeup day where you blend and blend on those lids.
Best Nail Polish
Marc Jacobs - Evelyn
From formula to color this polish hits the spot for me. I went 5 or 6 weeks with this shade, painting and repainting my nails with it. Two coats does the trick for full opacity. The brush on Marc Jacobs' Polishes is also my ideal brush shape for a clean job.
Not The Best...
Hourglass - Modernist Palette in Monochrome
Okay, so here's the thing. There is nothing wrong with this palette. It performs great. I just didn't really use it much. I don't know if other things shone stronger or if this just isn't all that special, but I reached for this maybe a maximum of 15 time this year. I'm not getting rid of it, maybe it will have it's moment in 2016. This was just not it's year for me.

M.A.C - Cinderella Collection Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess & Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom
Maybe Beauty Powders just aren't for me, I don't know. But whatever it is these just don't serve much of a use for me. I haven't given up on them, but if you have any tips for how you use them, let me know. They just don't wow me. I want to like them so much...but I  haven't used them that much, which to me says unnoticeable difference. I can live without them.

Clinique - Cheek Pop in 15 Pansy Pop
I like this, I really do, just not that much. At first I enjoy it and it is nice for days I need a very light pop of color, but for how much these are hyped up I'm not blown over. Don't get me wrong, I know I'll use this. I still like it, it's just the excitement has faded.

Rimmel - Show Off Lip Lacquer in 501 Stellar 
These had some real hype when they hit the shelves in the UK under the name ApocaLIPS, when they arrived in the US I was excited and then I tried it and was put off right away by the scent. Between the artificial melon scent accompanied by the bleeding bright color I was not having this product at all. 

I can not tell you how blessed I am to have had you there to read my thoughts and share with
 me yours in these topics!  I can't wait to hear from you and see what will happen in 2016. I hope you had a Happy New Year and that only the best things come your way. Here's to another year of blogging! Becca has hands down been the brand of the year for me. What was yours? Tell me in the comments.

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