Monday, January 18, 2016

ColourPop HAUL & First Impressions!

If you follow my blog you may know that I have been doing Just Save January. I am basically 
only blogging about makeup I already have, looks I create and the only makeup I can buy is affordable. I have been meaning to try ColourPop for a few months now and this seemed like the perfect moment to give this brand a go. I headed to the site and went crazy and it was still under the price of a great deal of high end items. Here's what I got for $40 and free shipping!
I knew I wanted to try the shadows most of all as from what I have heard they're very unique in texture. Well, that is true. These shadows feel wet and yet apply and blend like a dry shadow. It makes you wonder what kind of voodoo-makeup-magic they're cooking up at ColourPop. Whatever it is it's pretty neat. All shadows are $5.00
Sugar:"Metallic silvery blue with small flakes of silver and tons of champagne and gold glitter." this shade is very unique as it has both cool and warm tones to it and is like an icy, mermaid shade. Honesty the swatches don't do it justice.

So Quiche: Described as "A soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish..." This shade is like MAC's Satin Taupe on glitter crack. haha It has that wearable taupey base with a shimmer that is gorgeous! I used this shade with a matte purple shade in the crease and then applied this to the mobile lid. It was beautiful.

Rex: A "Black drenched with multiple shades of blue glitter." This was a shade I just had to have. It is one of those stunning shades that makes for a perfect rock n roll smokey eye. This shade is perfection in my eyes!
Wifey: Described as a "bright lavender pink" this satin finish is opaque which with shades like this can be hard to achieve. I was really pleased with the wear time on this as well. Expect to see a Valentine's look with this one. 

Punky: A "Mid-toned neon pink" is bold and in your face. I have some plans for this come spring. This bold tone is a satin finish and glides on with ease.

Grind: Nothing like a "Vivid blue violet" to help serve a side of grind to go with that hustle. This very smooth matte looks bold but wearable and glides on easily, without dragging on the lips. The texture is very smooth.

Jonesing: This "Deep cranberry" is a creme finish and applies very smoothly and feels hydrating on the lips. This shade is one of my favorite types of lipsticks so I can't wait to wear this color with a set of fluffy lashes and nude eye. 

Wet: This was the weird shade I had to try. I mean, look at it. So strange. This "cool toned taupe gunmetal" shade with a pearlized finish is just what the doctor ordered on days when you want to try some avant garde looks. I think a sharp black wing will be great with this. Think Space Pin-up!
Call Me: This was given to me as a gift with purchase. I got to pick from a few items and  I am always looking for the perfect gel liner. This "deep plummy brown" was not as smooth as I would've liked. It was hard to use and dragged a bit. I would like to try a couple more shades to see if it was just this color. I really like the look of the color I just don't think it's wet enough to get a smooth line.

Over All: I am really impressed with this brand as a whole. The shipping was quick, I like every product but the one I didn't pay for, and everything was $5.00 a piece. I feel like the quality of these products are that of which I would find in a Sephora with prices cheaper than some at the drugstore. A high five, round of applause and a #slay to everyone at ColourPop for killing the makeup game and making quality available to all budgets! I will say to follow the instructions that say to apply the shadows with you fingers and then blend with a brush for true pigmentation. The Lippie Stix didn't dry my lips and the shadows didn't crease with a base. All around amazing!

I can't wait to order more and to see what other products, textures and finishes the brand has to 
offer. Have you tried ColourPop? Do you have any shade recommendations for me? I would love to hear what you have to say. See you in the comments!

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