Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just Save January: CoverGirl - Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipsticks

If you saw my post from late summer, called Dressing A Galaxy, you saw my love for the 
Star Wars is real! I have always loved them since the first time I saw the original Star Wars trilogy when I was about seven. Well when I saw Covergirl was coming out with a range inspired by The Force Awakens I was excited. Half of the range is inspired by the the dark side and half by the path of light. I hunted to find these for a couple months and everyone was sold out. I had all but given up. But if you follow my twitter you may know I have been differing levels of ill over the past 6+ weeks, so that means I was in the pharmacy and ended up seeing them while I waited. Here are my thoughts on the Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipsticks!
With what was on the shelves I chose Red30 and Dark Purple50. These colors are totally me. I think these are pretty good quality. I don't buy many drugstore lipsticks, but I really enjoy these. 

Dark Purple 50:
This shade is a metallic, deep plum. I think this is a nice shade, though I think it would be a good with some of MACs Nightmoth lining the lips.  It is a little less pigmented than I would have liked, but  for the price I am not upset about it.

Red 30
This shade is a metallic ruby red. Surprisingly I ended up liking this more. I thought that I would have liked the other shade better, but nope, this is the favorite. It is more pigmented and I just like it a lot!! It reminds me of a Kat Von D lipstick shade that was discontinued.

Over All
I would say these are some of the better affordable lipsticks I've tried. I do wish that the vanilla scent wasn't added, but it fades soon enough. The wear time is pretty good, especially the red. I didn't need to touch up for about 4 hours and it stained my lips once it wore off in a pretty way. I am impressed with these over all. One thing that bummed me out was that they didn't name the shades fun things from the Star Wars universe. I mean "The Force", "BB-8" and "Kylo Ren" just seem like they would've been great lipstick shade names and the names on the tubes are part of the fun.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you are liking a more budget friendly post. Have you
seen The Force Awakens? Did you like it? I had kind of forgotten what it was like to enjoy a film in a childlike way like that. I really loved it. Tell me if you like these shades in the comments!

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