Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A New Scent For 25: Jo Malone - Orris & Sandalwood

Soon enough it will be my birthday and I'll be 25, which seems like a big deal for some reason.
This past year I have gone through some different things that have shown me how I have become more of an adult which is kinda scary and kinda exciting. Scent is the strongest tie to memory as I said in my last post about perfume, here. When I got my last Jo Malone scent it was a marker for my anxiety getting under control and feeling really happy. I had other scents that just reminded me of hard, painful, overwhelming times that I have parted with since. Only happy fragrances for me! 
Now I have started doing this thing where I pick a fragrance that feels to match the time of my life. My Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent is light, clean, fresh, and open. That was how I felt when I bought it and still feel. Now that I am about to turn 25 for the first time in my life I am making big plans that are about to shift a lot of things in my life and I'm excited. All I see is open doors. I feel very grounded in my path right now and the Orris & Sandalwood scent summed it up for me.
"The surprising duality of orris. Woody and floral. Powdery and deep. The scent of Tuscan hillsides with irises in bloom. Orris’ woody intensity wrapped in creamy sandalwood and sensual amber. Steeped in sunshine. Captivating and compelling."

I am in love with this scent and feel so fancy and decadent when I wear it. It is part of Jo Malone's Cologne Intense line. It gets very warm-scented on my skin and picks up a vanilla quality. I am so happy with this cologne and whenever I smell it I am reminded of the big things ahead. 

Have you ever gotten a fragrance to remind you of a special time in life or gotten rid of one 
that had some not so ideal memories or is this just me? Tell me in the comments what you love about how perfume makes you feel.

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