Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Full, In Depth, Inglot Eyeshadow Review with Swatches

I saw that quite a couple of you lovelies wanted to see swatches. I wasn't sure if I was going to do
swatches or just show it in action, but thank you for being vocal and letting me know what you want to see. It helps a lot! I decided to give a more detailed review as well, so I hope this helps for those of you who don't have a shop near you. If you haven't read my first post about this palette click here.
Swatches on the LEFT are in daylight. Swatches on the RIGHT are with flash. All of the descriptions are my own as the brand does not have any on their site. I am going to try my best to be sure I describe all of the shades and textures as best I can, as they appear to me.
 341 is the type of tone I go for again and again. A matte, mauve-nude is just such an amazing blending color or just for a no makeup look. This shade is buttery and not too dusty like some shades in this tone can be. The pigmentation is true to pan.

465 is a mauve-toned, medium brown with champagne shimmer running through it. This shade is pretty all over the lid for a soft, smokey eye or in the crease. The finish is matte with shimmer. The texture is smooth and the pigmentation is pretty good. It is very easily blended.

502 is a soft grey with champagne shimmer. This shade is matte. The pigmentation is good, the texture is smooth and it blends with ease. It is not as pigmented as I expected, though I don't mind a lighter pigmentation some times. I feel like that is a hang up that people get, but sometimes I want a softer look that can be built up.

326 is a deep, neutral toned brown with a matte texture. It is not as smooth when swatching as it is when actually using it. It is pretty pigmented and looks great along the lash line to thicken lashes.

498 is a deep, slate grey with a satin finish. It blends very easily for how dark it is. It has medium pigmentation and can be built up very easily.
 51 is a matte tangerine with a color shifting cool toned gold to very light pink shimmer. It is so pretty and is perfect for summer. It is so smooth and very pigmented. It blends very easily. This is one of my favorite shades I picked out.

368 is a soft orange-cream with a matte finish. This is another buttery texture with works as a blending color very well. I've also used it alone for an awake morning makeup.

383 is a true orange with a matte finish. This is a smooth and easily blendable texture. It is highly pigmented and looks true to pan.

50 is a matte pink toned red with yellow gold shimmer running through. It is not as pigmented in swatches as it is when using it. It is a fun pop and you just don't see many red shadows, probably because not always the most easily wearable shade.

452 is a warm, burgundy/brown/wine shimmer finish shade that has a medium pigmentation. It blends like a dream! So gorgeous!
60 is a bright, matte, canary yellow. This was the first shadow that caught my eye and I had to have it. It is very pigmented and is smooth in texture. It looks amazing as a pop of color on the inner corners. I am so into this shade.

461 is a warm toned, camel brown. The finish is matte with a gold shimmer running though out. It is a lovely crease shade or an all over lid shade. The pigmentation is nice and it is a good shade to have in the mix.

10 is a yellow toned, metallic gold. This is the one shade I can say I am truly disappointed in. It just does not show up true to pan at all. I had to use Too Faced's Glitter Glue primer to get the pigmentation I desired.

487 is a mauvy, medium toned, purple with a matte finish and gold shimmer. It is so pretty and looks gorgeous in the crease. I am so into this shade! The pigmentation is good and it blends so nicely.

450 is a deep cranberry, satin shadow. The pigmentation is good and it is a smooth finish. This shadow is the definition of vampy and I am in love with these kinds of shades. This is no exception.
453 is a frosty, cool toned white. I got this because these kinds of tones mix well with others to create different highlight shades or for a strong inner corner highlight. This shade is very pigmented and smooth. It is true to pan.

29 is a baby pink with a shine finish.  It is medium pigmentation and is not as smooth as I would've wanted. I still like it and use it mixed with 453 for brow bone highlights quite often.

493 is a lilac purple with a matte finish and silver shimmer through out. It is of medium pigmentation and looks lovely for spring.

359 is a matte baby pink that is very easy to use and is a great blending color. It is just a good shade to have in the bunch. It is true to pan.

386 is a violet purple and is not as smooth as some of the other matte tones. It does blend well as long as you have another shade down first, otherwise it's a little streaky and uneven.

Over All:
These shadows are good quality, though texture between finishes are a little inconsistent. That can come down to pigment though and how vivid the shades are. A lot of the shades work better on the brush than they swatch. This probably means that it is the pigments that are changing the consistency. I think that they are worth the price of $7.00 a shadow. Whether you're a beginner or a pro these are great fun to work with and the shade range is very good. I will say that they are not like Urban Decay or Make Up For Ever. They are a little more toned down in pigment and don't have quite the creamy texture that those brands produce. But the price is cute way down from those brands and they aren't that far off. That being said, would I buy again? Yes! They are great fun and much more affordable than building a MAC palette and I would say the quality is more on par with MAC in the pigmentation and texture. 

I hope you enjoyed this full, in depth review and that it helps you if you don't have a store near
you. If you have any questions that did not get answered in this post leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you asap! So, do you see yourself building a palette with this artist brand from Poland? Would you want to do it in store or would you be willing to do it online? Tell me in the comments!

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