Monday, March 21, 2016

Going On Beauty Budget

There are always so many new things hitting the beauty market. It was Contouring, then Strobing,
now it's color correcting. This can be a bit of a tempting problem for us beauty obsessed. There are times where the number of products you want to compare and try almost feels overwhelming. Where to start, where to end? The only logical thing to do is put yourself on a beauty budget.

A budget forces you so truly consider your spending. Instead of just buying, you have to weigh and measure. Which product is the one you want? Do you want the foundation or the palette? This seems like such an obvious thing, but it can be hard when everything is well lit, in pretty packaging...and for sale. 

So I'm making a list and that way I can really think about what I don't have already. This is one of my goals for the year; not buying things I have five of already. We all know we tend to buy that one type of lip color over again. Foundation is kind of the exception to that rule. haha So, I look at my list, consider what I want to try most, and then I plan for that thing to be what I will pick up. This has also helped me with planning my blog a bit better. I don't have too many things to try at once that I can't keep up.

You can do this budget a few different ways:
1) You can set a monthly amount. For example $100 is your monthly beauty spending amount. You can spend it in one go or here and there, but then you're done.

2) You can set a spending amount per paycheck. $50 a paycheck and you can spend that when you get payed or save it up for a spending spree.

3) You can have a Beauty Bank and decide an amount out of each check that works for that month to put in you Beauty Bank. One check might be $100 and another may be $15. That money goes in a safe place and when you want to have fun there is some cash set aside for it.

4) Any mixture of these three savings systems. You can take a bit from each saving plan and create a system that motivates you to save and doesn't over extend your wallet.

Of course all of these can be applied to any reason to budget from eating out to buying clothes.
The key is to set yourself up to have the makeup (or whatever it is) you want and to leave yourself with enough money to go out and show off your look. I hope this helps you beauty lovers out there!

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