Monday, April 11, 2016

5 Reasons Becca Has Become One Of My Favorite Brands

It's not very often when a brand wows you like Becca Cosmetics has impressed me. I started using
 this brand a little over a year ago and slowly have become a bigger and bigger fan. I can not say enough wonderful things about the products and the brand as a whole. I have yet to be let down by a product  and pictured is just some of what I love from the brand.
1) They Represent All Skin Tones
This is a frustration for me as I work in cosmetics outside of just my blog in a couple areas. The fact that a lot of brands don't even go into a deep tan is frustrating to me. If a brand doesn't want to carry a full shade range I am always a put off. What does that say about a brand when they don't even carry a shade? It says something that I don't like as a person, a makeup artist and a consumer, who can find it hard to find fair enough shades as well.

2) They're Cruelty Free
Though the E.U. has banned animal testing in cosmetics, sadly, the U.S. hasn't gotten it together on this front. The problem for me, as an artist, is many pro brands are not cruelty free, but non-pro brands don't tend to have enough of a shade range or quality for fairer and deeper skinned clients. I like to be able to use the same quality and formula when working on any of my clients regardless of skin tone. So I have bought brands that aren't CF, though I try to as much as possible. The more we as consumers expect better ethics, and let our favorite brands know that, the more brands will supply it. Thankfully Becca has always been a smart and kind brand, allowing MUAs to have wide shade ranges and quality. 

Side Note - Your Purchase is a Vote: Recently, L'Oreal and all of it's brands announced they are going cruelty free. This is probably for two reasons. 1.Their cruelty free brands, like Urban Decay, were doing better than some of their other brands that did commission tests on animals. 2. The E.U. banned animal testing in cosmetics and L'Oreal is a French brand.

3) They Believe In Skin
For me, when I do makeup, I think that good skin is the beginning and end of a good look. This doesn't mean covering everything up to look unnatural, but perfecting what is natural. Nothing beats amazing skin. I feel like you can have the most stunning eye makeup and without amazing, filled with life, skin it doesn't really matter. Becca is all about the skin. To quote their site - Perfection is yours to define. Polished or undone. Soft or sultry. Whatever you want to achieve, perfected skin is the essential starting point. Through premium formulas and expert tips, BECCA can help you attain a natural, effortless complexion that elevates your every look.

4) Everything Glows
Whether it's their foundation (mattes included), cheek/lip tints or the ever stunning highlighters, Becca makes you look infused with life and light. What more could you want? When people list off the most gorgeous people they can think of they nearly always have a glow. *cough JLo cough*

5) Simplicity
Becca has a ton of products to make your natural beauty pop. But they don't pretend to be a brand they aren't, jumping on trends. They are simply, all about creating the most stunning version of you, whatever you want that to be. They have tons of easy tools to help you find what will work for you; from filters, to narrow down the product you're looking for, to an 'Ask a Stylist' section, where you can get some one on one help finding what you want. Everything about the brand is broken down simply.

I was in no way asked to write this post. I just want to share a bit more about this lovely brand. 
I really love brand focused posts, because I love to know why people like brands and I love learning more about makeup companies. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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