Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'90s Grunge Makeup Tutorial

A friend and I recently had a talk about Nirvana and it of course led me to thinking about how 
much love the grunge look. Since I am mostly doing makeup on here I don't touch on my style often. I can tell you that I am at my most comfortable in my own skin when I am in a pair of medium-wash jeans, a slightly oversized t-shirt, a pair of Dr. Martens and a plaid shirt or leather jacket. I've realize that this goes back to me being a child of the early '90s and having a neighbor who I thought was the coolest thing ever. She was gorgeous, played bass in a band and wore steel-toed Docs. She was the definition of a bad ass and was very nice to the enamored little girl next door. I looked at her and couldn't think of anything cooler and I guess I still haven't.

Recently there has been a bit of a style comeback with the grunge look. There's more glam involved, more vivid colors and a little more of a styled look rather than the 'I may have worn this last night at a show, slept in it, and that is why it looks so worn in.' quality. I also see a lot of makeup post saying "grunge" and being a glam smokey eye with a vampy lip, instead of true grunge. So I wanted to bring you that worn in, look that is 100% inspired by my former neighbor, Miss Brooke.

What I used:
Urban Decay - Primer Posion in Eden
Melt Cosmetics - Dark Matter Shadow Stack
Bobbi Brown - Skin Foundation in Warm Ivory
Bobbi Brown - Creamy Concealer in Warm Ivory
Charlotte Tilbury - Airbrush Flawless Finish in Fair 1
Charlotte Tilbury - Cheek To Chic Blush in Sex On Fire
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Powder Duo in Ash Brown
Charlotte Tilbury - Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl
Kat Von D - Studded Kiss Lipstick in Motorhead
Stila - 4 in 1 Pencil (discontinued) Use any black smudgy pencil.

After priming my skin with the Post Shave Balm and buffing in the Skin Foundation for a natural skin finish. I concealed my under lightly and set everything with my CT powder. I filled the brows very lightly, because grunge did not have a strong focus on brows. I then primed my lids lightly.
1) I buffed in a touch of the shade Blurr from the Dark Matter Stack in the crease softly. 
2) I then took the shade Unseen all over my lids and slightly above the crease. Don't worry about this being blended to well. I should look worn in and a bit undone.
3) Taking a pencil brush I smudged Unseen under the eye and blended lower with the same brush I used on the lid.
4) Then taking Mocha and Bordeaux from the Bon Bon Palette mixed together I smudged the lash line. This, again, should be done a bit sloppily. Like you're dashing out the door and slapping it on quickly. DO NOT OVER BLEND! I know, it's hard and goes against everything we're normally told to do.
5) Smudge all of it in with your finger.
6) Taking a black eye pencil, smudge the bottom lash line from the outer 1/2. Blend out with a pencil brush. Smudge it out with your finger.
7) Do the same as the above step on the upper lash line, this time taking it on the outer 2/3. 
8) Taking a bit more of Unseen, blow out the lower lash line more. Don't be afraid to take this low on the under eye. If you look a little drugged out, you did it right. haha
9) Fine tune the look if you need. I felt like my lower lash line looked too perfect so I added more black pencil and smudged it out more.
10) I then contoured my face. Only use cool toned colors to contour this look. If you skin looks to warm it will bring the to a more modern grunge look, like Cara Delevingne.
11) Put a couple good coats of mascra on, don't worn if it clumps and smudges a little. I t adds to the worn in look.
12) Blush is optional. I would say again to keep it to more muted tones and a light hand. I just looked a little too dead that it looked a little costume-esque. I did take my powder brush and blended out the blush to lighten it. If you do decide to use blush keep it right on the apples, where you naturally blush.
13) Taking Bond girl, I swept in all over the lip, again, not to neatly. I blended it out with my finger.
14) I took Motorhead just on the center of my lower lip and blended it with my finger.
I hope you liked this messy look. I little something different from all the spring, summer, festival
looks. I just love it and really enjoyed wearing it! What do you think of this look. Does it remind you of the '90s? 

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