Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Inglot Duraline - Why Every Makeup Collector Needs It!

Okay, so I was watching Desi Perkins on YouTube the other day and she mentioned Inglot's Duraline.
She basically said it was magic and it went on my list of things to try. Well that next day I dropped my iPhone and for the first time in 6 years the screen cracked. The next day I took it into the Apple Store and guess what makeup store happens to be next door? Inglot! So I took a dash in and picked up the super affordable ($11.00) Duraline.
It is in fact some kind of magic! One drop in a dried up gel liner and poof, you have yourself a better than new formula. Honestly, I decided to try this on my Bobbi Brown Black Gel Liner, a liner I had put in my makeup grave yard, and it was brought back! It was better than ever! Smooth, almost like a thick liquid formula. I was blown away!

 I tried it with a few different gel liner formulas to see if it worked well with all of them and it did. This product honestly saved me money because instead of needing to repurchase liners that dry so fast I just add one drop and I'm back in business with a formula that glides better than it ever did for a clean line. This has brought back the joy of doing a cat-eye.

Duraline also makes any formula waterproof and smudge proof. This product is a makeup junkies dream come true. But wait...there's more! You can also add a drop of this to a loose powder to turn it into a water resistant liquid formula. I am very, very happy I picked this up and can not wait to play with this more.

Have you tried Duraline? Do you see this being something you could get use out of? Tell me what
you think down in the comments and feel free to ask me any further questions! 

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