Monday, May 23, 2016

Reviewed: Sunday Riley - Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

I've had this moisturizer for about a month. I wanted it to give it a good try before reporting back.
When I first saw that Sunday Riley was launching a new moisturizer designed to brighten skin and help moisture cling to the skin I was excited! I thought this sounded like something I would love.

What the formula does is helps skin cells plump up by using two kinds of hyaluronic acid while papaya enzymes help to smooth and brighten the skin. I like to research ingredients and there was one I was unsure about; Alpha-Albutin. This synthetic helps with the slowing/blocking the production of melanin production (even after UV exposure). It is often found in skin lightening creams, which I feel uncomfortable with. But this product doesn't have bleaching agents in it. This ingredient is in there to help with getting rid of/preventing age spots and scarring. Once I did some research and saw that it didn't lighten the skin (like skin bleach would) but corrects/prevents for an even look I decided I felt safe with the ingredient. This water cream also has ingredients like Tamarind Extract that helps skin to improve skins moisture and Jojoba Esters for deep, yet light moisture.

What I Think:
Over all I saw a smooth look and feel from my skin and felt like it helped my skin stay moisturized without feeling heavy. I even put this on one hand and not the other and there was a noticeable glowing, healthy look to the hand I used it on. Even the texture felt smoother. I love the way my makeup sits on top of this moisturizer. I think my base makeup has lasted longer and applied nicer since using this. I prefer this as a day moisturizer as I prefer an oil at night. My skin has had a "lit from within" quality and has looked healthy and luminous. The feeling is fresh and light. It really does feel like your skin has taken a drink of water.

Who This Is For:
Sunday Riley says that this is great for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I think that this would be good for all skin types, though I would get a sample first if you are sensitive. I think people who don't like the feeling of oil would love this. It will help those who have age spots, uneven skin tone, and dry patches. 

What do you think of this product? Does it sound like something that you would like or want to
use? Tell me in the comments and feel free to ask me any questions you may have about it. 

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