Monday, May 16, 2016

Reviewed: Through The Looking Glass Palette from Urban Decay

When I saw Urban Decay and Disney were teaming up for the new Tim Burton movie,
Alice ThroughThe Looking Glass, to create a bold, colorful range that are nothing shy of mad, a throw-back to OG Urban Decay's packaging and a magical coming together of artistic vision. Here is the Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette.
The packaging seems to be the sensible place to begin; from beautiful, golden quotations, to Salvador Dali-esque melting clocks, and kaleidoscope flowers every detail was considered. The show stopper is a 3D, pop up butterfly. There is a mirror that reads "We're all mad here." when you lift up the first tab and then unfold the box further to find the butterfly. The palette is actually found in a drawer that slides out to reveal 20 unique shadows. This style of packaging is calling back to the UD that I first fell in love with and it is a little bit of nostalgia for a long time lover like myself. I have honestly not been this excited or passionate to write about a palette in a while.
There are five character looks inside the palette; Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth, and Time. Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass are two of my favorite books. That is probably why this palette tickles me that much more. Now...for the shadows.
Alice -
Metamorphosis: vibrant periwinkle blue w/ micro-sparkle - This color is very unique to me. I don't feel like you see this shade much. I'm very impressed with color pay off. It is smooth and doesn't take much to build up.
Dormouse: warm brown matte w/ floating gold micro-sparkle -  this is such a lovely cork shade of brown. It is one of the smoothest shades to blend and is one of my favorite tones of brown in general.
Reflection: soft peach matte - This is the best transition color. It also works for all of the looks in this palette for blending out other shades.
Looking Glass: pale pink demi-matte -  I really like this shade for brow bone highlights and for softer looks.
Mad Hatter -
Hatter: vibrant green with tonal micro-sparkle - Yaaaassss! This color is gorgeous! So fun and perfect for summer. It builds perfectly and blends so well.
Gone Mad: aubergine w/ pink iridescent pearl - This shade is what grounds this collection of mad shades inspired by the Mad Hatter. It could be used from a smokey eye or for a sunset look too.
Paradox: vibrant orange w/ gold pearl - OMG is the only thought I had when swatching this shade. So smooth, so pigmented, so stunning. This is the shade that made me flip!
Cake: saturated blue toned pink w/ silver micro glitter - This blue toned, vibrant pink and is so lovely to blend and is very easy to work with. I can't wait to play with this all summer.
Mirana -
Lily: opal pink pearl - This somewhat bridal/princess like shade. I love shades with this look as they seem to be so few and far between with this level of pigmentation. Stunning and smooth.
Duchess: peach w/ pink shift and micro-sparkle - This shade is like dewy summer. It is gorgeous and perfect to use for summer.
Kingdom: copper bronze pearl -  This shade is not a stand out, though I do feel it adds to the palette. It is up to the UD standard of metallics and has a rose quality to the bronze.
Chessboard: medium brown matte -  Perfect for deepening the crease. I really love how smooth the UD matte shades have gotten. They are consistently improving and I love to see that in a brand.
Iracebeth -
Heads Will Roll: vibrant turquoise w/ gold micro-sparkle - Unique is the first word that comes to mind. It also blends easily and is very, very pigmented. This could be a scary shade for some people, but I love it and think that it could even be used just as a pop on the lower lash line to dip a toe in the water.
Bandersnatch: deep teal matte - Pretty and a shade of blue I did not yet own. I liked using this with this look but also think it would look great as part of a smokey eye.
Salazen: metallic crimson - Wow! This shade is pigmented, looks like fire and is still grounded. I love a rusty shade in general, but this metallic shade is amazing.
Royal Flush: pale beige shimmer - This cool-toned shimmer is smooth and perfect for a pop of frosty highlight in the inner corner.
Time -
Time: black-navy satin w/ soft iridescent micro-sparkle - Oh yes, this color is stunning! I saw this and my makeup loving heart melted. This blue-toned, gunmetal shade is made for a smokey eye.
Dream On: metallic purple-silver - The one shade I wanted to be more pigmented. It does however still work as more of an overlay. I just wished it picked up better with a finger or a brush.
Chronosphere: metallic deep bronze - Such a cool looking color. It is a cool toned bronze that for some reason makes me think of steam punk. I am so into this shade.
Mirror: gray-taupe satin - This shade is the prettiest shade of a taupe I've ever seen. I wish this shade was added to UD's range full time.
One last note on this palette is that optical allusion is present in a way that is very Wonderland. This palette gives the allusion that there is a raised silver edge to the shadows packaging, rather there is a flat black and white pattern that give that visual effect. The brush is the same as all the other UD included brushes; they aren't the very best but they can get the job done and I found them helpful when I didn't have as many brushes as I do now.

Over all I am so, so pleased with this palette and I think that whether you have a passion for makeup or you want to get a palette with a mix of neutrals and bolds. I think $60 is a reasonable price for the quality, wonderful packaging that simply adds to the resplendent quality of this palette. The pan size is larger than the Vice palettes, meaning more shadow, and this cost only $1 more. I am over the moon and down the rabbit hole on this one.

Which of the looks (or how many) do you want to see me do a tutorial on? Tell me in the 
comments and what do you think of this palette?

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