Monday, June 27, 2016

Fun Fringe for Summer

I find it really hard to find fashionable, cute, sandals I like. I don't know why but it has become 
an issue for me in the last few years. So I took to and found some super cute sandals. The only fear I had was that maybe the sizing would off, or that it wouldn't look as good as in the picture. I think we've all been burned by that when online shopping.
The ASOS Fabio Fringe Mini Wedge Sandals go for $52. They feel well made and the sizing was 
dead on! The suede leather upper part of the shoe has a metal buckle and a super fun fringe across the top. The heel is 1" which makes it totally comfortable while still maintaining a slightly more polished finish. These shoes are totally comfortable to dash around in...and yes, they do make that fabulous click-clack sound. (Am I the only one who loves that?) 
Anyway, I think these are a great way to spice up your summer shoe wardrobe and because these shoes are black they can very well be carried into fall with a pair of tights and a skirt. 

I hope you enjoyed this little fashion post! Do you guys like these kinds of posts from me? 
Tell me in the comments! I love hearing what you think!

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