Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Current Skincare Routine & Products

You know when you get a skincare routine that just hits a sweet spot with your skin? Well I have one
of those right now and I thought I'd share a bit about that with you, because happy skin makes for great makeup!
A bit about my skin: I have normal to slightly T-zone oily in the hotter months. I tend to get hormonal breakouts that like to stay under the skin. Oh, did I mention my skin scars soooo easily. It doesn't matter if it's a tiny spot or a little scratch I get a scar. (Don't worry, I've seen a doctor about it and I'm fine.) I have some pretty happy skin at the moment though and here's what I'm using!

Before Bed:
Lush Cosmetics - Ultrabland Facial Cleanser 
This is a facial cleanser that is inspired by 1950's cold creams. With a base of Almond Oil, along with Rose Wax, and Beeswax this cleanser gets off every bit of makeup, even waterproof mascara. I just smudge it all over my face and wipe it off with a hot wash cloth. No need to wash any further.

Lush Cosmetics - Tea Tree Water Toner Water
I have strayed to other toners and always come back because my skin throws a fit when I'm not using is. This alcohol free toner is made much like tea; a simple list of Tea Tree Water, Grapefruit Water, and Juniper Water help to balance, tone and brighten the skin. I just wipe this over my face on a cotton round after cleansing.

Tarte Cosmetics - Maracuja Oil
I love this product. This oil and my skin are honestly BFFs! If my skin is ever in some kind of state I dash out and pick this up if I'm out, because that may be why. I have had this in my skincare rotation since before I started my blog and keep it as a stand by product. Here is a video from Tarte that will explain everything you may want to know. I always make sure not to forget about my neck.

I got this, along with a couple other Origins goodies, with my Beauty Insider points at Sephora. I use this on top of my Maracuja Oil for an extra boost at night. It plumps my skin, leaving it looking brighter and more glowing in the morning. It has helped with hyperpigmentation and the over all look of my skin. Several Citrus oils help to brighten, Raspberries give an antioxidant boost to fight aging free radicals, Fennel to stimulate circulation, and Rosemary to balance and tone. I make sure to really massage this in.

Lush Cosmetics - Enchanted Eye Cream
This eye cream is super gentle with 3 very refined ingredients; Lavender Honey Water, Cold Pressed Organic Almond Oil, and Cold Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil. These all help to reduce fine lines and puffiness from under the eyes for a rested look. It's also gentle enough to put on your eyelids after an intense makeup day when lids are tired and irritated. 

In the Morning:

Lush Cosmetics - Tea Tree Water Toner Water
I don't wash my face again in the morning, but simply wipe my face with toner on a cotton round.

I did a full review on this here. This brightening, light weight, fresh, face cream is great for day or night, but I prefer it for day time. It helps with Dryness, dark spots and fine lines. Papaya enzymes help with over all look and feel of the skin for a brighter smoother finish.
(If my skin is feeling a bit thirsty I will mix in 2-3 drops of the Maracuja Oil. Such a good combo!)

Lush Cosmetics - Enchanted Eye Cream
I use this in the morning too as it's not too heavy to sit like a dream under concealer. It also helps too avoid over drying from setting powder, which can cause fine lines.

Two - Three Times a Week:
Lush Cosmetics - Self Preserving Ocean Salt
I use this scrub 2-3 times a week, on my face, when in the shower so that my pores are open from the steam. This scrub has Fine and Hand Harvested Sea Salt to exfoliate, Fresh Grapefruit Infusion to brighten, Fresh Organic Lime Infused Vodka to detox the pores, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Avocado to hydrate and nourish, and Violet Leaf Absolute, which is antibacterial and antiseptic.

That is everything! I hope you liked this kind of post from me. I know I don't do a whole lot 
of skincare posts, mostly because I don't change my skincare around too often. I usually don't rock the boat until I see a need from my skin. What is your #1 product that your skin can't due without? Tell me in the comments!


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