Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reviewed: Tarteist: Lash Paint Mascara

Beauty lovers all have a "Holy Grail" list that they are constantly looking to have a product knock
one of those off the list because it's so good that it replaces an old love, never satisfied that that list is as good as it gets. With constant growth in cosmetics that is probably good reasoning. I am no different. I have a list and I am always trying new products using a measuring stick of my #1 product in that category. 

When I saw Tarte launched a new mascara I wanted to give it a whirl! The Tarteist: Lash Paint Mascara caught my eye right away; first the packaging! It's two of my favorite colors, black and gold. The formula also looked really black and the brush looked different from any of the other Tarte mascaras. I love Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes (and it's water proof counterpart) for fluffy, full, lashes, but for some looks I also want a ultra black, thick glam finish. For that I usually go for Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara. Tarte may have out done my #1.
Before Mascara
After Mascara
The Formula: The formula is light and jet black as the product claims it to be. I am really impressed with how much volume it gives with very, very little flaking, if any. This is probably due to the fact that the formula has a vegan beeswax and a paraffin wax. Those two ingredients would also help prevent clumping and with length, along with the fact it would make the formula less drying on lash hairs.

The Brush: This is a plastic style wand. This means you get amazing separation and minimal clumps. However, if you are not a fan of this style wand, you probably won't like this mascara.

The Wear: It holds a curl better than most non-waterproof mascaras do on me. It feels very comfortable and doesn't have a heaviness too it that some volumizing mascaras can. It really builds up on my lower lashes as well without leaving little black smudges under my eyes, as I have long bottom lashes that can have that issue. 

The Removal: It removes very easily with an oil based cleanser. Lashes don't feel like they are being tugged on to remove product or left dry afterwards .

Over All: I am really impressed with this mascara. Honestly it has matched if not passed my #1 mascara, as that one has lately been leaving lots of black flakes under my eyes. This one is by no means a natural looking mascara, but if you like glam lashes that are long and full you will like this one. I have also used it on top of individual lashes to blend them with my real lashes and it looks amazing and does a great job. 

What do you think of how the Tarteist: Lash Paint Mascara sounds? Tell me if it is something
that sounds like you'd like it or what your thoughts are if you tried it. If you like my makeup I'll have an M.O.T.D look up Monday the 20th.

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